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German Uniform

Article about: Hey can someone tell me some info about this? Is it real? Worth? Was it used in WW2 or in DDR? everything you guys have ! etc... Thank you guys!

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    Quote by Sebastian View Post
    Because of the condision and that it's eaten up?
    I agree with Ade save your money and wait, you might find something down the road better, thats way to much for the moth damage. IMO

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    Circuit advertisement German Uniform
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    Yes, never buy badly damaged items.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Well, thank you guys for this info, but I think I want this, even if it means that I would loose some money, I think it will be looking good in my collection.
    I believe that I can sell it for more in Norway
    Anyway, thank you !

    Best regards: Sebastian

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    That tunic is so badly mothed it

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    My reply was sent and i did not hit post reply! To finish what i wanted to say was please leave that thing alone.It is holed badly now and will never sell in that terribible condition.Buy quality and you will never have a problem,believe me.Carl

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    It ended that the seller sold it before I had the time to give a reply, anyway, that's good for me, ain't it ?

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    Personally i think you dodged the bullet with that one, someone has got themselves a real doosie and i can see a lot of tears before bedtime before long

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    I buy "salty" stuff personally, but I always remember in the back of my mind that it will ALWAYS remain less valuable, so try and get the lowest price you can if you are going to buy something that is not in good shape. Haggle, point out the flaws, talk them down as much as you can, and if you're happy with it and aren't just trying to make a quick buck you'll be happy. If you are interested in reselling however, don't buy stuff that has damage like this.

    Also: From one impulsive person to another, patience, patience, patience. I once almost paid 5 times the going rate for a marching drum that is not very rare(though I had never seen one before) before learning about it and now I own 3 of them and still haven't paid as much as I was prepared to for just one of them. Take your time and learn exactly what you want and wait for that item. It will come eventually, and you'll be happier in the long run.

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