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german uniforms in films

Article about: Ex Soviet films studios actually used original stuff, watch this thread

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    Ex Soviet films studios actually used original stuff, watch this thread Original German tanks used in modern films

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    That was quite watchable Dimas,May have to have a look at some Russian/Soviet "Great Patriotic War" films hay.
    Liked the early rivet hulled PzKpfw 38,she's a ripper.
    Very impressive.
    I guess the original uniforms in the Soviet era films would have had little monetary value with-in the Soviet itself so for realism and effect they were prefect.
    Cheers mate

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    Quote by rabbitface View Post
    hi men,ive just watched private ryan (AGAIN)
    being not very clued up on uniforms and lids how close are these to the originals, what you see in films and good tv shows like band of brothers the pacific etc and what happens to all the uniforms after the extras have worn them and has anyone you no been an extra in something like this

    sorry if ive posted in the wrong section
    many thanks adam
    I knew a guy who was an extra in Atonement and BoB - in Atonement he was one of the singers on Dunkirk Beach. He owns or used to own a shop from which he was selling props, and fakes

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    Quote by Dimas View Post
    Ex Soviet films studios actually used original stuff, watch this thread Original German tanks used in modern films
    In the Soviet fictional movies "The 17 moments of spring", "The Liberation", "Variant Omega" etc there are lots of things to laugh at from the uniformological point of view. The guys that made them did not have a slightest idea of what they showed us.

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    I know some guys who made a student film for the war ( I played an SS officer : ).
    They have ordered some uniforms from one site for repros and they received a repro, which was so ****ing bad made and even the ranks of the insignia was totally wrong.
    In the end, we have bought uniforms from an ebay seller who really have a good quality copies.
    I still keep my full SS officer's set ot tunic, pants, boots, leather greatcoat and a lot of insignia and awards.
    But have you seen in the Bastards of Tarantino, where in the end, they ( the good guys ) catch that SS officer and want from him to give to them his weapon. It is the very last scene.
    He gives them the pistol and the dagger and for a second you may see that the dagger was attached to the belt with a modern holder, not with a dagger dolch.
    It made me laugh.
    Or in Indiana Johnes, the third film, there was a flag with a wrong Swastika on it ( turned left, not right ) but I do not remember where in the film exact was it.
    In Malena, the uniforms of the germans are so poor
    The best I've seen is in Der Untergang - the german film, made for the 60th anniversary from the end of the war.
    But even in that film, the General, who had to be killed, but Hitler made him a commander of the defense line of Berlin, had a wool field tunic with a shoulder boards, who did not come out of the shoulder of the tunic itself, as the originals, but was attached as the repros.

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    Talking Re: german uniforms in films

    Many movies are using feldgrau uniforms made by (Former DDR) German company named Sturm-Miltec. The pattern is ok from afar by it would not fool a collector.

    Some major productions still use converted Swedish uniforms. As far as officer uniforms or political stuff goes, the German firm owned by Michael Janke (noticeably, Der Untergang) provides quite a few high end outfits that could be dangerous in the hands of dishonest dealers. The same goes for the uniforms made by the Polish Company 'Hero Collections' which worked on films such as Black Book, Inglorious Basterds and Walkyrie, to name a few. Newbies could end up paying BIG MONEY for that type of very well made uniforms. The same does not apply to the other categories.

    Of course Chinese and Pakistani low grade uniforms are now used in some 'budget' productions cause 'nothing is sacred anymore'!

    ALL of the above are randomly used by reenactors, depending on the budget\seriousness of the hobbyist.

    Movies like Indiana Jones and all commonly come up with fantasy accoutrements. Finally, I've REPEATEDLY seen some VERY BAD East German conversions on the History Channel... I won't even go there! Many Pre-1990 American War movies are most of the time using 'cliché' outfits with giant breast eagles, armbands on field uniforms et all...

    Hope it helps

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