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heer greatcoat

Article about: Hi, this one looks good as well but would like more opinions thanks john

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    Hi, this one looks good as well but would like more opinions
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture heer greatcoat  

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    Another good one going from that pic.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    This is a FANTASTIC example of Wachtmantel...this golden rayon is so nice...

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    JPhilip - Could you clear a point up for me please. You call it a Wachtmantel as opposed to a Greatcoat, I always thought a Wachtmantel had a hood and a greatcoat did not, or doesn't matter ?

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    The Greatcoat has only the 2 horizontal side pockets and is designed to go on top of the tunic, whereas the Wachmantel has 4 pockets, 2 horizontal and 2 vertical muff pockets at the front.It also has an additional heavy liner, so it's almost like 2 coats in one, but it was designed to be worn on top of the Greatcoat, when required and could also have a sheepskin or fur interior.
    I believe that the actual terminology is: Mantel (Greatcoat) Ubermantel (Greatcoat with extra pockets and liner) and Wachmantel (Greatcoat with fur interior).
    Only the last 2 had hoods but these were often removed and there is a version with a cotton hood which folds away under the collar.
    Although the Ubermantel is not the heaviest coat, these are really heavy when wet and I literally could not lift mine when it was saturated with water and some of the really late war versions made of wool which makes you itch even with a tunic underneath it, so they must have been "no fun" to wear in an actual combat situation.

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    Thanks for the explanation. The distinction between Greatcoats and Wachtmantels seems straight forward. If I understand you correctly the coat at the start of the thread, would under the three groups you gave, be classified as a Ubermantel ? - i.e. right style but no fur lining.
    Yesterday I bought a similar one, late war blanket-like lining and with a hood - another Ubermantel ? one question - I noticed, although almost all of the Wachtmantels, Ubermatels had small shoulder straps & shoulder buttons, none that I saw had any shoulder epaulettes - so did the guard watch (Wacht) have their own shoulder broads particular to them or did they wear the broads from the regiments they were with? I intend to get the appropriate shoulder broads for my coat, I do need to know, which to get. Any information welcome
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    The shoulderboards for your coat would just be the same as those worn on the tunic.
    If they are the slip on type, this will be easy, but if the buttons have the original stitching you should really measure the distance from the edge of the shoulder to the button as sometimes (if it is a big coat) you might have to look for slightly longer shoulderboards.
    Happy hunting.

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