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Heer Stug wrapper

Article about: The wrap looks mint, but the wool material of the boards look worn and is very different (as Ade posted), so not a good one, IMO. Regards, Jerry

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    Default Heer Stug wrapper

    Hello All...take a look at this private purchase Stug wrapper...good or not? what is the value if original...thanks, Elliott

    Here is a link to all of the pictures: Stug wrapper pictures by boxerworks - Photobucket

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    Circuit advertisement Heer Stug wrapper
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    Default Re: Stug wrapper

    It seems odd to me that a private purchase wrapper wouldn't have a liner.
    More pictures inside and out with closeups of insignia and stamps would make it possible to tell.

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    Default Re: Stug wrapper

    Hi SteveR, please check the link to photobucket on the original post for detailed pics...thanks, Elliott

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    Default Re: Stug wrapper stamps just the makers tag...will take more pics let me know what you need.....thanks, Elliott

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    Default Re: Stug wrapper

    you should always post pictures straight to warrelics as the host site may remove the pictures which make the thread useless and of no help to anyone:
    Heer Stug wrapperHeer Stug wrapperHeer Stug wrapperHeer Stug wrapperHeer Stug wrapperHeer Stug wrapperHeer Stug wrapperHeer Stug wrapperHeer Stug wrapperHeer Stug wrapperHeer Stug wrapperHeer Stug wrapperHeer Stug wrapperHeer Stug wrapperHeer Stug wrapperHeer Stug wrapper


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    Default Re: Stug wrapper

    sorry...will do...Elliott

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    Default Re: Heer Stug wrapper

    Hi Elliot, here is my opinion.

    This is a higher end fake made to fool the unwary.

    At first glance it might look OK, but you need to look far closer. For me, the biggest giveaway is the wool used. It is simply far too good. I have mentioned this before several times on the forum. Wartime and even pre war wool was reworked and had a lot of shoddy in it. Now the shoulder strap is made from correct wool: look at it and compare. Can you now see the "bits" in it?

    These tunics are well made and are not thrown together. The fakers will use original insignia and buttons/hardware where ever possible. Collectors will always look at the insignia first, see that is OK and then fall into the trap!

    Next look at the age and wear. It has neither. Even mint items will show subtle signs of age.

    Cheers, Ade.

    Hi Tom, thanks, much appreciated.

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    Default Re: Heer Stug wrapper

    Ade...Thank you...I love learning about all the subtile details of this hobby...could be very expensive and worthless hobby if it weren't for great people like this forum to help us all in our collecting...when pointed out I can appreciate the thiings you are teaching and will remember...can you give me further input on my other post "White SS Dienstrock" actually a collection I am looking at...there is about 15 items and an SS uniform...some pieces are real I believe but it gets quite hazy when one is looking at soo much material...if there are good items can you also help me with some values...have researched them and the prices are all over the me also in some cases a bad sign as fakes are often a "good deal" but even that is not a sure thing...collecting this material is much harder than weapons...thanks in advance for this and the additional help you so kindly provide...Elliott

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    Default Re: Heer Stug wrapper

    Ade BTW...are the insignia or the boards fake aswell....Elliott

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    Default Re: Heer Stug wrapper

    the boards imo are original but i don't like the skulls on the tabs here is original u see the difference
    Heer Stug wrapper

    you may also notice that around just under the left teeth is a bit of flash indicating to me to be a cast copy

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