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helmet cover

Article about: by WOODSNAKE Real or not it aint worth 2,200 euros! and yes it's not even SS! as the late great Steve Erwin would say...CRIKEY!! Off screen he would have said "you have to be f------ jo

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    Thanks for your input Ade and the confirmation, but as you know there is nothing worse that a one comment opinion, i am fully willing to accept that i can be wrong about an item and if so i would prefer to be told why, not because of egotism but to learn, it seems that our member here is an experienced collector and if so, then others could learn from well informed observations

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    Quote by davejb View Post
    Please elaborate as so far all weve heard is Original and poor knowledge from you, if you are correct and we are wrong then by all means share your views and educate us as to why this is a period piece, noones infallible and if a reasonable explanation is put forward i'm sure we are not adverse to admitting a mistake, also if period would you pay this extortionate amount, the problem a lot of us have here is that E-bay is the main source of countless fakes and only on rare occassions does a true period item present itself but again the fakes are commanding very high prices, i am still not happy with the apparent damage in the areas shown and the cleanliness of the threads, it certainly isnt insect damage or moth nips nor is it caused by a wire basket
    I agree that an explaination was warranted to explain why besslein believed this to be an original piece. IMHO the unknowing on the forum deserve an explaination of why something is real or fake.

    I personally believed it to be original as i have seen and held many not to mention that i own one but the price for even for this type of reversable cover is on the very high side. Unless of course the price has changed drastically.

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    thank you ade and dimas for clearing it all up but i do not understand on a forum to learn why quite "rude" comments are used when bessin doesn't elabourate further to help people about this particualar cover..........

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    This Heer helmet cover is original, no doubt about it. Too bad i didn't see this thread sooner. I sold two of them recently to good friends, the nicest has been sold for 2000 euro, the more used one for 1900. Heer helmet covers maybe less desirable than WSS ones for many collectors, but they're rarer and of a great historical interest. Those of you who handled a real one before know what i'm talking about...

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    Quote by talltom View Post
    as we all want to laugh a bit heres the photos (also stops thread being useless ):
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    Hi like!!!! thank's for the pics!

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