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Help! Identifying uniform and rank etc

Article about: Hi all. First post so if I break any rules please let me know. I'm trying to get as information on my great grand father (rank, regiment, dress items etc). So I can recreate his uniform. I a

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    Don't worry, I shan't.
    I've only just come across the Bundesarchiv in the last few days, like you say will go to them when I've got more details (full names, dob's etc).

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    Well for anyone's who's interested I've got a result from the Bundesarchiv. I've yet to get translated properly but a snip it of info is that he served in Regiment 84 - the Grenadiers.

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    We can translate. There are multi-language speakers here. NH

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    Names etc removed

    Quote by Bundesarchiv
    im Bundesarchiv, Abteilung Militärarchiv konnte unter der Signatur RW
    59 / 2077 eine Karteikarte aus dem Bestand der Kriegs - Reserve -
    Offiziere ermittelt werden, woraus hervorgeht, dass der Offizier am
    01.02.1939 in das Offizierskorps des Beurlaubtenstandes eingetreten
    ist und zuletzt als Oberleutnant der Reserve beim Grenadier - Regiment
    84 diente.

    Sein Rangdienstalter als Oberleutnant der Reserve wurde auf den
    01.08.1939 festgesetzt. Unter Rangdienstalter versteht man die
    festgesetzte Datierung der Beförderung im Vergleich zu ranggleichen
    Offizieren. Das Rangdienstalter muss nicht dem tatsächlichen Datum der
    Beförderung entsprechen.

    Sein Wehrbezirkskommando war Frankfurt am Main II im Wehrkommando iX.

    Gemäß Verfügungsnummer 280/42g vom 31.01.1942 wurde er aus der
    Wehrmacht entlassen.

    Sein Antrag auf Ausscheidung mit Uniform wurde jedoch abgelehnt (siehe
    Karteikarte RW 59 / 2078).

    Gründe für seine Entlassung im Jahr 1942 sind leider nicht überliefert.

    Im Bestand RW 59 / 2078 ( zur Verfügung - Offiziere) wird er als
    Oberleutnant der Reserve auser Dienst geführt.

    Verleihungsunterlagen oder gar wehrmachtgerichtliches Schriftgut
    konnten nicht ermittelt werden.

    Das Bundesarchiv erhebt Gebühren bei personenbezogenen Anfragen gemäß
    Bundesarchiv – Kostenverordnung (Nr. 3 des Kostenverzeichnisses). Dies
    geschieht unabhängig davon, ob Unterlagen ermittelt werden konnten
    oder nicht. Die Gebühren betragen mindestens € 15,34 (Schriftliche
    Auskünfte oder Ermittlung von Archiv- und Bibliotheksgut je
    angefangener halber Stunde).

    Einen Kostenbescheid in Höhe von € 15,34 erhalten Sie von der
    Verwaltung des Bundesarchivs gesondert zugesandt.

    Aus verwaltungstechnischen Gründen darf ich Sie bitten, den
    Gebührenbescheid erst nach Erhalt unserer Rechnung zu begleichen!

    Für Rückfragen stehe ich gerne zur Verfügung!

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    Here's the translation:

    "We were able to locate a file card from the inventory for wartime reserve officers under file reference RW 59 / 2077 in the Federal Archives, Dept. Military Archives, from which it is evident that the officer had entered the Corps of Reserve Officers on 1 Feb. 1939 and that he last served as an Oberleutnant of the Reserves with Grenadier Regiment 84.

    His seniority date as an
    Oberleutnant of the Reserves was set as 1 Aug. 1939. The term seniority date refers to the set promotion date as compared to other officers. The seniority date does not necessarily have to be identical to the actual promotion date.

    His Recruting District Headquarters was Frankfurt am Main II in the Military Area IX.

    He was discharged from the armed forces by order no. 280/42g of 31 Jan. 1942.

    However, his application for authorization to wear uniform after discharge was denied (see file card RW 59 / 2078).

    The reasons for his discharge in the year of 1942 are unfortunately not on record.

    In the inventory no. RW 59 / 2078 (officers available for duty), he is listed as an
    Oberleutnant of the Reserves (ret.).

    Award documents or military court records could not be found.

    The Federal Archives charge fees for inquiries relating to individuals in accordance with the Federal Archives Fees Act (no. 3 of the listing of costs). This is done regardless of whether documents could be found or not. The minimum fee is 15.34 € (written information or research for archival- and library material per half hour or part thereof).

    An invoice for fees amounting to 15.34 € shall be forwarded to you by separate mail from the Federal Archives' administration.

    For administrative reasons, I request you to settle the balance only after you have received our invoice.

    I will gladly be of assistance with any questions.

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    I saw the part about Verleihungsunterlagen - awards documentation not being found and felt bad for you Tim. Still, I am glad you pursued the information through Bundesarchiv. You now have a more complete picture thanks to them and spot-on interpretation provided above. NH

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    You sir are a star, many many thanks.

    Thanks Neil, yep my heart dropped somewhat when I read that.

    My grandmother is still around so I may get more details about his injury dates and hopefully link them to his discharge.

    Still I can look into the regiment he served with (no idea where to start with though as I'm more of a metal and badge kind of guy!), still not sure if he was definately an infantry man!

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    Quote by Tim49980 View Post
    Still I can look into the regiment he served with (no idea where to start with though as I'm more of a metal and badge kind of guy!), still not sure if he was definately an infantry man!
    Grenadier-Regiment 84 was the new and final designation given to Infanterieregiment 84 in October 1942.

    For information, see:

    Infanterieregiment 84 - Lexikon der Wehrmacht
    Grenadier-Regiment 84

    (Sorry, German language only and a bit too much to translate here.)

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    Now you should try to assemble an uniform like the one he once had.
    Collect ROA, Cossack, Schuma and other WW2 Volunteer militaria.

    "Be Humble and kind, for you may find that it was Odin you entertained"

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    That's the plan TrondK, proving to be quite difficult at the moment though.
    I've received a few more pictures from my grandmother, hopefully have some more info from her soon too.

    Help! Identifying uniform and rank etc

    Help! Identifying uniform and rank etc
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