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Infantry tunic help

Article about: I would advise against adding anything to the tunic that wasn't once already there. Resist the urge to dress it up and throw on a load of decorations that shouldn't be there. If you start ad

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    Default Infantry tunic help

    [Hello gang, I have just purchased this tunic so I can display it with a dagger or sword hanging, I would like some help on what type of medals ect would be worn on it?
    Could I also ask about some stitching which remains on the left arm which shows an outline similar to a Narvic shield or something similar,
    I would be grateful for any help I have had a little brows on some uniforms but am not clear what would really be worn
    thanks in advance
    cheers Ronnie

    PS excuse the state of the den in the middle of a change around
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Infantry tunic help   Infantry tunic help  

    Infantry tunic help   Infantry tunic help  

    Infantry tunic help  

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    It looks like it had a rank chevron on the sleeve.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Quote by Jerry B View Post
    It looks like it had a rank chevron on the sleeve.
    I was going to say that!...
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    Hi , I think Jerry is bang on about it being a chevron mark on the sleeve , as for awards I personally would say this one looks to have no "loops" for them to be attached to so I would not bother with them , just get the chevron! Leon.
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    Nice waffenrock. You could display a variety of wartime army badges or medals on this, for example iron crosses, wound badges etc. You might want to bear in mind that these tunics were only made prewar, and therefore that their wartime use was limited, so you might consider pre- war medals, (for example long service medal, or Sudetenland medal) and they were also often worn with prewar available awards such as sports badges. However, there are also pictures of these in use wartime, I have a wartime picture showing waffenrock worn with Infantry assault badge and a ribbon for the Ost Front medal for example, so there are lots of possibilities. You would need to think about how you might attach these awards, are there any existing loops? If not, you would have to sew some on, and you might not want to do that.

    I might be getting muddled, but hasnt the chevron been removed due to promotion? ie does it not go with the collar and shoulder strap braiding? Isnt it that the chevron is for junior NCO's and the braid for senior NCO's? Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

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    Check the left breast area for signs there was a ribbon bar. If there are loops present or evidence of it you can figure out how many ribbons were there by measuring the distance between them. NH

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    Thanks guys I have just taken some pics of what looks like loops so I will post them shortly, also I have taken another pic of the left arm to see if it gives any better clues thanks again guys

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    Sorry guys this is the best I can get please don't laugh if they are moth holes the flash seems to burn out any detail
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Infantry tunic help   Infantry tunic help  

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    Regarding the Chevron - the Bluse is clearly an NCO with the braid and shoulder boards. Could it have been one of those "veteran" Chevrons? NH

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    Thanks for the info and reply's
    cheers ronnie

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