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Luftwaffe overcoat

Article about: It has arrived this morning and its beautiful I have it on display behind glass with my other luft items, toothbrush, M40 and china. Now looking for a luft tunic to match with this rubborize

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    Great overcoat Nuno I've recently bought a Luftwaffe overcoat too.... from the 1950s! Not quite the same I'm sad to say!

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    Quote by gbalke View Post
    Very interesting. I've seen Luftwaffe imprinted plates and cups and of course silverware before, never a tooth brush.

    I checked out your web site; very impressive collection; you've been collecting for some time I assume?
    Thank you, i have been collecting for about a year and half, i started with an Hinderburg Cross.

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    Quote by NunoGTI View Post
    Thank you, i have been collecting for about a year and half, i started with an Hinderburg Cross.
    A year and a half?? That makes your collection more impressive yet.

    I started collecting over twenty years ago when my Father-In-Law gave me that Fliegerbluse I posted above; he brought it home from France as a war suvenier.
    The strange thing is that I started collecting WW II US, not German items. Years later begam collecting Brit and Canadian with some German & Luftwaffe pieces, finally moving to WW II RCAF where my main interest is today.

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    Here`s a very special thanks to Ade for helping me find information about the owner.
    He was a reserve 1st LT in the 49 flak regiment.

    The info, some sentences make no sense because of google translation.

    Flak-Regiment 49

    Flak-Regiment 49, with regimental headquarters and two divisions, which were used separately.

    Stab / Flak-Regiment 49 (o)

    Situated on 26 August 1939 in Mannheim. The staff was also known as flak Mannheim. The staff was under the 21 Flak-Division, and led in March 1944, the heavy anti-aircraft section 491, the heavy anti-aircraft section 492, the heavy anti-aircraft section 636, the heavy anti-aircraft section 701, the fifth / Heavy anti-aircraft division 903, the light anti-aircraft section 776, the light anti-aircraft section 977, the light anti-aircraft section 980, the Lsp. 107 and the anti-aircraft batteries z.b.V. 6229, 6230 and 6238th


    26th August 1939 Colonel Edward Muhr

    20th June 1940 Lieutenant Colonel William Werner

    27th July 1941 Colonel Adolf Wolf

    First September 1943 Colonel Max Hecht

    11th February 1944 Colonel Bernard Brickwedde

    I. / Flak-Regiment 49 (acc. mot)

    Situated on 1 October 1937 in Mannheim from I. / Flak-Regiment 18, with five batteries. The department was under the Higher Commander of flak in the air circuit IV, from February 1938 to Luftgaukommando XII. From September 1939 the department was at the Western Wall. The department supported major stake in the Cleves area, the associations of the XXVI. Army Corps. In the Meuse-dyke fired the department a total of 10 bunkers, and then accompanied the corps through Holland and Belgium to Dunkirk in the room. The division captured in Holland a number of 4-inch anti-aircraft Bofors with plenty of ammunition and remarked, after the big booty of Dunkirk, the vehicle equipment has been completed, a sixth Battery under Lieutenant block with 4-cm Flak. In the second part of the French campaign, the department was in the air raid and Erdkampfeinsatz and came after the armistice to Brest. After the end of the western campaign was this extra battery to the trunk of a new light anti-aircraft division, which was used with the 4-inch anti-aircraft guns to protect Berlin. After May 1940 the department supported the XXVI. Army Corps during the Western campaign. Then the department was in France and the Channel Islands under the rod of the 100th Anti-Aircraft Regiment In August 1940 she was in Dinard, from summer 1941 in the area of ​​St. Nazaire and then back to Brest for the Protection of German warships lying there. Later, the association was moved to Bordeaux in order to use a movable Spain - Gibraltar prepare. In July 1942 the department moved into the room Cakais-Dunkirk, secured it temporarily in the area of ​​Vlissingen in Holland the breakthrough of the German battle ships through the canal and came immediately after the first air raid on the Renault works in Paris, there to a new use, with the attack-free periods has also been used to prepare for use on the Eastern Front. In April 1942 the department moved to southern Russia, where the staff of the Flak-Regiment 12 in the 17th Flak-Division was subordinated. The department was first in space Izyum - used Artemovsk. At the beginning of the major German attack, she joined the staff at the Flak-Regiment 37 to the first Panzer Army and worked here, especially with the 91st Infantry Division together. With this division, it was then the XXIV Panzer Corps as part of the 9th Flak-Division of the 6th Army assigned. In the northern barrier of Stalingrad, in particular at the 16th Panzer Division, distinguished himself from the department several times and was lost in this battle section.

    Reorganized in June 1943 with five batteries in Italy. In January 1944 the department was under the rod of the Flak-Regiment 39 in the third Flak-Brigade from February 1944 and the staff of the Flak-Regiment 57 in the 22 Flak-Brigade. That same month, the department became the III. / Flak-Regiment Hermann Goering.

    II. / Flak-Regiment 49 (acc. mot)

    Situated in October 1941 from I. / Flak-Regiment 491 with five batteries. The department was under the Koluft the 9th Army in Central Russia. In January 1942 the department was in the 9th Army under the command of Staff of the 125th Anti-Aircraft Regiment It protects the road Torzhok-Rzhev. From 1942 the department was under the 12th Flak-Division. In January 1944 the department was under the rod of the Flak-Regiment 31 at the 23rd Flak-Division, in February 1944 the staff of the Flak-Regiment 101 at the 12th Flak-Division and March 1944 from the staff of the Flak-Regiment 6 at the 18th Flak-Division. In June 1944 the department was set up in Vitebsk, where it was destroyed in July 1944.

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    wow !! thanks very nice ... always liked the luft items as there is something abought have a great displayed case for them..if or when you get more time please post a few more pictures up a little closer on the eagle..thanks for sharing !

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    Nice display Nuno
    Looking for the photo albums of Leutnant Emil Freitag, 3. / G.R. 377

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