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M44 drillich

Article about: I have this M44 NACHRICHTENDENST Drillich from the late war Periode, seem ok to me, you guys have some Opinions ?

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    Lightbulb M44 drillich

    I have this M44 NACHRICHTENDENST Drillich from the late war Periode, seem ok to me, you guys have some Opinions ?
    M44 drillich
    M44 drillich
    M44 drillich

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    Circuit advertisement M44 drillich
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    Welcome to our subforum...
    This said, if you're new here, my advice to you would be to be more repsectful of rules that help human beings to behave well when in society, i mean a hello, a good morning or a good afternoon never killed anyone, please is always a pleasure for the eyes and thank you in advance or thank you is like bread with honey for many of us here...
    Thanks to post better view of your tunic for an accurate comment please. Photos are dark and small.
    Your Drillichrock is patterned after the Feldbluse 1933 modified 1942, it's not a M44...
    Thanks to post also better view of the insignia. From these photos the shoulderstraps look fakes to me...that's why better photos are needed.

    In Memoriam :
    Laurent Huart (1964-2008)

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    Hello and thank you
    Sorry for the quick text. Iam happy to be here and i thank you for all information you can give iam sorry if i was sounding disrespectfull it was not my intention. And iam new so i tryed to be quick and clear. I will save your regards and act difrently.
    M44 drillichM44 drillichM44 drillichM44 drillich

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    I think it's better this way...

    M44 drillichM44 drillichM44 drillich

    In Memoriam :
    Laurent Huart (1964-2008)

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    If you crop your photos first before posting it helps with the orientation.
    Welcome to the forum.

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    Sadly the shoulderboards are reproduction.

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    Quote by fjm44 View Post
    Sadly the shoulderboards are reproduction.
    please state on why what you see as repro! I'd like to know as I have a few pairs in my lot.

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