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Original m40 jacket?

Article about: Is this an original m40 jacket? I hope someone can help me, thanks!

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    Thank you again for your reply Fred.
    About what do you doubt for the eagle? I guess you need to see the back of it?

    At its current state what would be the value of this jacket? The owner is asking 600$.

    Thanks again

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    It is the style of the eagle. Embroidered eagles like this are not issue pieces, they are private purchase tailor made items. The eagle could be good or could be fake. I am on the fence with this pattern of eagle. Some collectors like them, some don't.

    The major question here is whether this tunic is worth $600.? How much is the tunic worth without the insignia. All of the insignia needs to be replaced with the correct insignia. Can that actually be done with the state the tunic is in now? Can you put a pair of unbacked einheits collar tabs on here without the other older stitching showing through? Can you put a Issue BeVo enlisted man's breast eagle on here properly so the other older stitching is not seen? Can you even find the insignia with the same amount of wear to match the tunic. You are looking at around $200. for an eagle, collar tabs and shoulder boards and that is not even waiting until you can find the ones with the proper wear.
    We haven't even discussed the gaping repair on the side! Can that be fixed to a minimum of looking good? Do both cuffs have this much wear or is it only one? Look closely at post #3 at the second and third photo. What is wrong with the back of the sleeves? The rear side of the lower right pocket appears malformed and resewn. There needs to be some overall shots of this tunic taken laid out flat with both front and back showing. This is a major project in my honest opinion.


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    Fred nailed it.

    I would rather saved 400- 600 us extra, and get an untouched piece. Believe me that will make you feel way better than a mitch-match of maybees.

    I once had a m36 with clear wss eagles and collartabs, but i traded it away to a good collector friend since i would never find out what it once were. I like my trinkets to be as genuine and untouched as possible.

    My two cents worth
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    Thanks for the incredibly detailed reply Fred, this really helped me!
    I decided to not buy the tunic and rather spend a couple of hundreds dollar more and get an untouched piece as TrondK said.

    Thanks again!

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