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Salty officers tunic opinions

Article about: Please give your opinions i think its a original but a salty one.

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    There is value in the insignia. You might be able to do a few cosmetic repairs to the front and make it "presentable" for display. I would buy it - if as mentioned - the price is right. And what would that price be? The value of the insignia and maybe just a hundred for the Bluse. NH

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    If anyone is going to throw that in the garbage please send it to my address at 34 seriously I like it. I was thinking transport troops honestly.

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    Fred Green



    It appears to be TSD to me just missing the devices on the boards.

    I agree with Ade though. If you are looking to purchase always look for exceptional condition.


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    It looks like transport to me too. I wouldn't spend a great deal of money on it (I would probably only do 100, but im cheap). It has been through a world war, so you have to give it some credit for not being burnt/buried/thrown away. As always, if the price is right for you, go for it.

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    225 euro to much?

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    Quote by brabander View Post
    225 euro to much?
    Is it in the "I saw you coming shop" ??
    100 euros would be too much IMHO

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    I think I would offer $75 euro and stick to your guns. Whoever is selling it will say no and three weeks from now call/email you back and say you can have it for 75euro It would be good to have it in a collectors hands. I would leave it as is because after all it is a "relic". Good luck!

    Had to edit for euros...

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    Oke thanks for the info folks , i offer him a low price if not i leave this one thanks all.

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    I think the insignia is worth about 75 Euros and maybe 50 for the uniform. I do think it could be made "presentable" for display. 250 is too much. NH

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    Definitely worth saving and probably cheap at 75 Euros, but as previously said try and buy quality items.



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