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Stalingrad cross found

Article about: Hi Doug, the old saying "Pearls before Swine" comes to mind...... Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Stalingrad cross found

    At the big Sequim, Washington gun show yesterday I lucked into a textbook Stalingrad cross. Never had one before. Never seen one in the flesh. I had no idea what the heck it is when it walked up and bit me on the bottom. You never know. DougStalingrad cross foundStalingrad cross found
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    Default Re: Stalingrad cross found

    Nice Shoulder Board cross I like it Doug.


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    Default Re: Stalingrad cross found

    I'm an ignoramus where Nazi insignia are concerned, so could you please provide some info on the cross.

    I actually have a Cyrillic-inscribed Sebastopol Cross dating from the 1854-55 siege. Not a uniform item. Very plain brass with gilt largely worn off....Good Luck talisman for Russian soldier. Probably worn on a string around the neck.



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    Default Re: Stalingrad cross found

    Attachment 198932This is what i've seen other than that I dont know.


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    Default Re: Stalingrad cross found

    As i understand it the cross was a privately made item either to commemorate 6th Army lost at Stalingrad or a sub unit of this army. Worn by members of the re-formed units from cadres that escaped, airlifted out or just remade. they were not popular in some quarters as a reminder of a defeat.

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    Default Re: Stalingrad cross found

    Actually this was an official peice of insignia and was only worn by members of some sub units of the 44th Reichsgrenadier-Division "Hoch- und Deutschmeister". Authorised on 23rd March 1944.

    Their parent unit was the old 44th Inf Div which was destroyed in Stalingrad.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: Stalingrad cross found

    Thanks, Gentlemen.

    I'm wiser now. Thanks.

    I suspect that most of the real (German) heroes of Stalingrad never put on uniform again, and the survivors didn't need any momentos.


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    Default Re: Stalingrad cross found

    Done some looking up and Brian L Davis states in his book authorised to Grenadier Reg 134 replacement unit and Divisional Staff of what Ade said. I have read somewhere that other individuals and units took up the practice but it was frowned upon, almost like a form of protest as to what had been allowed to happen at Stalingrad. It may have been being worn prior to the authorised date and as the authorities couldn't beat them then they joined them.

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    Default Re: Stalingrad cross found

    This is about the nicest condition one of these out there too. I just love the history of this. Never heard of any of this before. Anybody got a clue as to value? STALINGRAD CROSS (ULTRA RARE) Are these guys nuts or what? Doug
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    Default Re: Stalingrad cross found

    I stuck it on top of a frozen meat medal in my display case at the Ventura show this weekend and nobody looked or commented. Doug

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