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Are these armbands original?

Article about: The last of my collection of armbands. What do you guys think?

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    Default Re: Are these armbands original?

    I hesitate to be the dissenter, but there's So many fake HJ's out there today, and I really don't feel very positive about this particular one. Truthfully, I can't recall ever seeing one with the black thread poking out from under the diamond like this one has. It's a shame that the black-light tests are no longer reliable.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    It's a shame, I'm gunna stick to my guns on this's a very nice repro, but if it being sold as original it certainly a fake.....just looks too much like the repro I saw for sale for 25 bucks last week

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    I would like to see better pics please of the HJ. Front, back, and clear pics of the (inside) Like this please.

    Are these armbands original?
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    nice original hj armband, even though the pictures could be better you can see its an original imo!

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    i don't like to be a dissenter here either. and i first glance i was going to go against Wagriff's opinion, but on closer examination of some originals i am more inclined to join him in his discomfort.

    i am somewhat put off by the stitching and quality of materials here. even the weave of the red material overall and elsewhere is "coarser" and lacks the specific geometry of what i am accustomed to seeing if you look very closely back and forth between the two.

    perhaps it's just not as "textbook" as the originals in my collection, but nonetheless, i am not comfortable with it from what i can see.

    compare to this:

    Are these armbands original?

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    Default Re: Are these armbands original?

    difference in weave:

    Are these armbands original?

    Are these armbands original?

    i'll stop short of calling it a copy perhaps, but i don't like seeing differences. my HJ armbands have a different weave than this example.
    the rhomboid is also stitched in a much finer manner to the armband in my examples than what is seen here.

    maybe i'm a little too paranoid here. but i can see Wagriff's concerns. a variant perhaps? or a copy.

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    Default Re: Are these armbands original?

    guys i really apologize. rather than delete my posts and the fact that i am looking at the WRONG armband here, and try to hide my shame, i'll simply apologize and you guys can carry on from there.

    i am comparing my armband to Eric Zentner's! and i trust that he knows his armband!

    carry on!

    apologies for my foolishness. sometimes you run on too little sleep, you know?

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