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Is thia a re-applied eagle?

Article about: Can someone tell me if this eagle has been re-applied, or even genuine?

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    Default Re: Is thia a re-applied eagle?

    I notice the eagle compared to bond has a few differences. Thickness of the top wing, and the beak look different. So does the backing.

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    Default Re: Is thia a re-applied eagle?

    To my eyes the colour of the stitching used to attache the eagle is different to that used to construct the tunic, though that can happen in some cases. This is easier to see on the interior picture. There is also a slight hint of an extra line of pulled threads and a crease from an earlier eagle.

    The variations in the design of the eagle, such as those you mention are not outside those you see on originals, as many variants exist, but as I posted earlier and you also noticed, the backing fabric of the eagle is more like that seen on tropical shirt eagles, whilst for tropical tunic eagles they mostly match the fabric of the tunic, or at least are usually of a similar type, though not always.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Default Re: Is thia a re-applied eagle?

    Wow you must eat a lot of carrotts. I agree with you on the backing material. The extra line of thread I do not see, nor the crease. After a few minutes of zooming my eyes see a big blur. The wear on the tunic and the eagle is whats bugging me. The wear as Morris said, does look similar to the tunic. Especially on the left side on the interior stitching.....which could have come after being re-attached.

    Let me ask you this, do shirt eagles differ in size from tunic eagles? Can a measurement of the eagle help?

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    Default Re: Is thia a re-applied eagle?

    I have given my opinion that it is a shirt eagle and it has probably been reapplied, but that is just my opinion, no need to thank me!

    Out the shirt eagles I have, 50% of them are the same size as the tunic eagle I have, so size alone is not going to help you.

    You have to look at the pictures and decide for yourself, bearing in mind that most Luftwaffe tropical tunics you see for sale will have had the eagle replaced and therefore to most collectors it is not a big deal as long as it has been done well and they have used an original eagle.

    Do the research and make up your own mind.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Default Re: Is thia a re-applied eagle?

    I found the following at SV militaria

    I am not familiar with this dealer, only quoting what he said.

    SV Militaria Page 3 German ww2 insignia The Luftwaffe

    61221 Excellent Luftwaffe Tropical Tunic Eagle Unissued $180

    These tunic eagles are larger that the shirt eagle and are hard to find like this. It's wonderful and will display really well with your other Luftwaffe stuff.

    Is he correct that the tunic eagles listed are larger? His backing is the same as the one on the posted tunic.
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