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Third Reichi Stuff On eBay - Yeah..THAT place *Shivers*

Article about: Hello eBay apparently allowed swastikas just a few years ago but now they don't except for stamps and coins. If you ask me, a German WWII category without swastikas is like a huge open park

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    Default Third Reichi Stuff On eBay - Yeah..THAT place *Shivers*


    eBay apparently allowed swastikas just a few years ago but now they don't except for stamps and coins.

    If you ask me, a German WWII category without swastikas is like a huge open park with no dogs or benches allowed.

    I didn't go on eBay at this time, but it was all full of fakes apparently anyway. But that must have been better than the bog swamp it is now!! It is literally either east german stuff for $1 or original items for a fortune + an arm.

    Every once in a while good stuff sneaks in and is snatched. Just today I saw some Arbeitsbuchs.

    My question is...what was it like? Swastika - packed eBay........

    Ever get any good deals? How much did stuff go for? When did eBay pull the plug on the swastikas, and do any of you still go on eBay for German stuff?

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    Here is an article from 2001 pretty much explains the business decision angle of eBay's policy change reference Nazi memorabilia. EBay Bans Nazi, Hate Material - ABC News



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    Thanks for the link, but there were a few questions below. Do you still use eBay to find military items?

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    Nowadays I avoid US Ebay as it's pretty much a waste of time scrolling through pages of crap...However, I highly recommend EbayGermany ( to you, as the selection, variety, quality, and prices are much better... Just make sure the seller accepts Paypal...I've gotten some of my best scores on German Ebay...
    cheers, Glenn

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    Agree with Glenn. Made some fine buyings on BUT be aware, fakes ARE present.
    Buy the item, not the story!

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    Actually, I currently purchase most of my militaria from eBay.usa That said, I have not bought much TR stuff there, because as you and others have shared... it's usually either too pricey or not original. I agree with Glenn on recommending and would add for WWI items too.



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    Thanks for the information!!

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    Hi, The Morons at E bay have also banned military edged weapons over here in the UK just in case someone buys a diplomatic dagger to take to a football match or whatever. As a matter of interest, my wife worked for the CPS and tells me that almost all blade crimes especialy murder, are committed using, bread, kitchen, stanley or utility knives. And of course screw drivers so why are E Bay picking on military collectables?? Why not ban any thing that can inflict hurt?? Stilletto heel shoes, my mate was put in hospital by a female who hit him on the head with one, damn near killed him!! Ban them I say, they are dangerous!!! I tried to buy a pair of candle holders made from sword hilts from the US a few months ago but, in their infinate wisdom E Bay said NO!! They probably thought that I was going to rob a bank by poking lighted candles in the cashier's eyes??? Wa__ers!!! Thats right, a bunch of wazzers!!

    Regards E Bay lover Michael R

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    eBay is still oddly where a lot of nice deals come from on swastika-clad stuff, but that is..can I say bullshit that they banned the edged weapons. Anything can be used as a weapon, and in a country with no guns people can get creative.

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