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Volkssturm armband variant

Article about: Hello friends out there! I need your expertise on this armband. It's on its way home to me already, I can get a refund if you guys on the forum don't like it. I ordered it because I think it

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    I have made my first "burn test" - I took two long threads from the armband and burnt it.

    It did not burn very well and it smelled like plastic, a unpleasant smell. So I guess that I got a clear result of my test?
    This is an item from the 4th Reich if I have done my homework.

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    I now found a similar one on WAF, not the same font and stitching but with the same ink stamp. Gau 22, 2 Kompanie , 133 Batallion.
    Deutscher Volkssturm Wehrmacht armband - Militaria Forums
    Volkssturm armband variant

    Volkssturm armband variant

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    Volkssturm armband variant
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    There are no similarities between the one you just posted and the item you started with. Also there is almost no reason for a particular style volksstrum armband to have a very specific ownership stamp to Reichsgau Oberdonau.... a Gau with a very small Volksstrum defense force, estimated to be at the largest between 548-600 especially to the 2 Kompanie , 133 Batallion. There is no reason for it to be that specific as well as finding 2 "variants" to the same unit.

    There are thousands of volksstrum armbands out there which can easily be identified as original, why not pursue those?
    Volkssturm armband variant
    Volkssturm armband variantVolkssturm armband variant

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    I will send it back to the seller. He has a "standard pattern" (the most common) armband also so I will trade it if that armband is OK. I have just asked for good pictures of that one.

    But this story have learned me to be careful with variants and I have also learned how a negative result of the burn test looks like.
    Thank you all for your advice and information

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