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Wehrmacht tunic?

Article about: Hi to all. need some żour opinions. I have an opportunity to buy this tunic, is it OK? Thanks!!!

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    Default Wehrmacht tunic?

    Hi to all. need some żour opinions. I have an opportunity to buy this tunic, is it OK?

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Wehrmacht tunic?   Wehrmacht tunic?  

    Wehrmacht tunic?   Wehrmacht tunic?  

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    Circuit advertisement Wehrmacht tunic?
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    It is original.

    However, it has had a hard life and some of the restoration could be improved.

    It did not start life with a green badge cloth collar. Soldiers often had later issue tunics converted to look like the earlier and smarter M36 style.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    The pictures are very bad but my feeling is that it is an original late war tunic but it's been messed with. The collar has been replaced, which could be a wartime alteration, but it is also crudely repaired. The tunic is in poor condition and has other repairs so it would need to be cheap to be worth buying. Most people on this forum would not recommend buying a tunic like this at all.

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    i would say no, but im no expert on tunics its such a broad spectrum of collecting with unofficial and field made objects, but my gutfeeling says be wary, but i would say take a peek on the collar its an m40 with a dark green collar added wich also if real could be a case of veteranizing an m40 wich was a real thing that soldiers did by adding a dark green collar to the m40 to make it look like an m36, but like i said im no expert so wait for the vets of this fine establishment to get their say on the matter.

    regards DS

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    haha i see the vets had their say while i was writing haha xD

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    Thanks Ade!!! But, what model (year) is the tunic?

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    No, its M42. M40 tunics have pleated pockets, by 1942 this had been removed. It does not display the 1943 modification of have the scalloped pocket flaps cut straight, so it was made 42-43.

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    and it looks like its been stripped of decorations rank and insignia to bad... :/

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    oh yes im sorry im a little directly out of bed right now forgot that there is an even more simplified model than the m40

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