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What is this cape?

Article about: Very nice piece. Have never seen one. Thanks for sharing

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    Having been in the museum field for a couple of years I can tell you that museums sell donated items if they don't fit in the written scope of the museums purpose. Local city and county museums are notorious for being the local attic for the deposit of Grandma's sewing machine and grandpa's war trophies where they have untrained volunteers stuffing things into boxes without cataloging the items and none of them know anything about conservation or restoration. Horror stories abound.
    Items have a much better chance of surviving the ages if they are owned by a collector that values and cares for them. Even the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC will deacquisition an item if they decide they don't need it. That happens a lot. So believing that donating or loaning an item to any museum will guarantee its existence and history is not necessarily a wise thing to do.

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    Funny thing for someone to wear in the field-that's what greatcoats are for!

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    Quote by lithgow View Post
    Funny thing for someone to wear in the field-that's what greatcoats are for!
    Valid point but we don't know the circumstances. Besides that, regulations were broken just as often as followed.

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    These are more for dress and ceremonial occasions not for field wear. Great item!

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    Do not donate it to a Museum!!!!!

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    Still sounds strange to me-if the wearer was killed in a physical confrontation you'd think it would be blood stained and while folks do get lost on a battlefield, what was a senior Luftwaffe officer doing wandering around alone in formal wear on the frontline?

    PS I suppose the exact details may have got muddled over time but it's a queer tale!

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    Oh my, so many helpful replies so quickly! Thank you all so much for the information. I wish I could give more information about the circumstances surrounding the cape's acquisition, but the story I related in the first post is all my mother will tell me about it. Apparently my grandfather never spoke much of the war, so who knows what the real story is, if that cape was meant for more ceremonial wearing. I will see if I can't press for further details tomorrow; it's been very enlightening reading these responses and I'm sure my mother will be interested in reading them. Especially about not donating the cape to a museum-personally, I feel that way as well, because I would much rather sell the cape and have my mother get something for it. I don't think she has so much sentimental attachment to it beyond its association with her father. And to be honest, it creeps me out a little.

    So tomorrow I will visit my mother again, see if she has anything else to say about it, and I will take much more clearer pictures for those who were interested. Thank you all again!

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    The label inside appears to have a name written on it which is probably the original owner-someone here may be able to assist you with research on him-adds to collector value.

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    Quote by AnnaR View Post
    And to be honest, it creeps me out a little.
    Don't let it creep you out. The German soldiers of WWII were people, just like us. Flesh and blood. Some were a little more brainwashed than others, but still... I'd keep the cape and pass it on to someone in the family who might want it. It's an irreplaceable piece of family history. Once it's gone- it's gone.

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    I too would keep the cape it has such sentimental and family value. My relatives from nothing home from the war, so consider yourself lucky.

    As for museum, I would advise against donating it, or even lending it to them. I used to work at a museum, and although we were very well run , we still managed to lose a radio that was lent to us (and boy did the sh!t fly about that one!).

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