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What is this cape?

Article about: Very nice piece. Have never seen one. Thanks for sharing

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    Default What is this cape?

    This cape belongs to my mother, who received it from my grandfather. He fought for the US and was somewhere in France during the winter when he...acquired this cape. The story goes that he was separated from his troop during a blizzard and sought shelter in an abandoned barn. The owner of this cape either followed him or had a similar idea about getting out of the weather. There was a fight and obviously my grandfather won or I would not be writing this. He took the cape for protection against the weather; I don't know how he got it back to the US.

    My mother has kept it in a trunk since receiving it some time in the 1970s. She doesn't like it, but because it's the only thing of my grandfather's left from the war, she's loathe to part with it.

    I convinced her to take it out and let me take some very quick and blurry shots. Right now we're only looking for information about it and whether it's the sort of object that should be sold to a private collector, donated to a museum, or held on to.
    Thank you very much for any provided information.

    What is this cape?What is this cape?What is this cape?What is this cape?What is this cape?What is this cape?What is this cape?What is this cape?What is this cape?

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    Hi Anna, and welcome to the forum!

    This is a Luftwaffe (German Air Force) Officers cape. A very nice item and not too often seen.

    I would not advise donation to a museum. If you do wish to part with it, sell it to a collector and enjoy the proceeds.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    what you have is a Luftwaffe cape. Sorry cant tell you if its real or not. Gary

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    I agree with Ade. These are worth a pretty penny, and we all have a museum horror story or two. I'm not sure exactly what these go for, but don't let anyone try to rip you off!

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    Fred Green


    Hello Anne,

    You have what appears to be a very nice WWII German Airforce officers dress cape. I would love to see some clearer shots of the eagle and front clasps if you could. The eagle should be made of a bullion wire. I hope this helps.

    Welcome to the forum!!


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    Ade beat me.

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    Fred Green



    Here is a another thread with a cape in wear on a dress form. They really are very pretty pieces.

    I second what Ade says about museums!! I would find somebody for a private sale to a collector if you end up selling it.


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    a nice scarce item.

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    If it is a souvenir from your grandfather from WWII, I defenitly would keep it. Collector or not... It has emotional value!

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    Nothing I can any that hasn't been said already. But you will more than likely regret donating it to a museum.

    Cheers, Pat

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