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What model is this tunic?

Article about: A "standard" M40 would have had pleated pockets and a five-button front closure! HTH Horrido!

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    Default What model is this tunic?

    Could any one please tell what type of tunic this is? I think it was made in 1943 from the markings in side but it has a bottle green collar and shoulder straps. Yet it has 6 buttons so it cant be a m36 or early m40. It is military issue because of the collar. So what Im asking is really what model it is.

    Danke -Kris
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture What model is this tunic?   What model is this tunic?  

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    Default re: What model is this tunic?

    It is a tailored earlier production M43.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Default re: What model is this tunic?

    Welcome aboard Kris!
    Your tunic is a tailored M42 combat tunic;pockets with pointed flaps and no pleats!When finding these tunics ascertaining whether the collar has been period sewn on is critical,in fact in many prisoners camps the Germans were asked not only to remove the insigna from their tunics,shirts and caps but in some instance collars had to be removed to in order to make an escapee more recognizable at first glance.This tunic looks fairly new, and the shoulder boards look sewn in,therefore it's likely that the green collar is a period mod and that was all the rage between Senior NCOs for example.Can you show us detailed pinctures of the breast eagle?

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    Hello Kris,
    That's a nice Feldlbuse 1933 modified 1942 that has been enhanced to remind prewar Feldlbusen. St 43 means that it was accepted by the military depot of the town of Stettin in 1943. It could have been produced late 1942 or in 1943. Shoulderstraps sewn in may indicate a Feldbluse used with the walking out dress. This example is in great condition, congrats if it's yours...

    In Memoriam :
    Laurent Huart (1964-2008)

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    Default re: What model is this tunic?

    Nice Feldbluse kirshunter......

    (this is the same franz, from 21st panzer)

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    Default Re: What model is this tunic?

    Yes,indeed...this is the SIXTH variation of the Feldbluse 1933 which we'll refer to as the M42 collectors have always done even aeons before the publishing of the very interesting French book on this iconic garment of the Big War...double-u-double-u-two,that is!Then came the seventh...and the "eight" could be considered but a copy of the Commonwealth Battledress of the same period!
    Sewn-in shoulder straps could have been worn in combat as well and could and would have been a "classy" and distinctive touch for an "alter ase",like many others often found on these trunics,such as shortened lower skirts,sewn-in pocket bellows and even the outer corners (the one towards the central buttons)of the pocket flaps,not to mention privately acquired and/or officer-grade breast eagles!Green collars can be found on modified M44-style combat tunic produced as late as 1945 too!
    If this tunic isn't in your hands already I may suggest to ask for DETAILED close-ups of the breast eagle in order to make sure whether it's original to the tunic or not.Depending on the asking price that could make a difference.Ditto for close-ups of the way the collar is sewn to the tunic,both where it meets the body(inside and outside) and at its very corners,close to the metal hooks,if they're present.I know...lots of questions...lots of pictures,but to be reasonably sure to give you the right answer that would go beyond the usual "nice","looks nice","It could be..." they're mandatory!
    If this was a walking-out tunic or one that was meant to be worn during cerimonies (weddings aso) a bullion eagle would have made more sense.Remember that modified tunics are always a mined field,since it would be hard to tell from a few pictures alone if the mods ar periods or not.Negotiate on the price because it will be hard to resell should you want or need to let it go.
    Very nice piece anyway!
    P.S.;I've randomly attached the first picture I could find to explain what I mean by "close-up"!It's rather fuzzy and full of "noise" but I'm sure you got the drift!
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture What model is this tunic?  
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    Default Re: What model is this tunic?

    Here is a link to my photobucket album. The first eight pictures are the ones relating to this tunic. Thank all of you for your fast, und informational replies! Oh yes, and i do own this tunic. Danke! -Kris Pictures by krishunter12 - Photobucket

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    Default Re: What model is this tunic?

    Hi Kris,
    I've taken a good look at your PB album and a few details have struck my attention.The breast eagle is an original one retaining its original stitching, being still on the cloth of the tunic it's been cut off...very strange,as if somebody was trying to "suggest""You cannot tell it's not original to the tunic...the latter's former owner took another tunic and cut the eagle off with its backing cloth, retaining the original stritching and then hand-sewn it to the new(ish) trunic we've got here!".That's very,very strange for this M42 would have had the very same eagle style.It would have made more sense to "upgrade" the low-viz eagle with a bullion one,a privately-purchased NCO-grade one made with silver wire or,at the very least,even an "old" one with the white eagle on a green background.
    I honestly cannot be 100% sure of course,since the pictures you've shared are the only thing we have to go by,but in my HUMBLE opinion this tunic has been altered post-War and,as it's always the case when judging items,a hands-on inspection is worth a million pictures!
    My 0.02
    PO.S.;any chance to have a picture of the inner side showing the lining in full?
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    Default Re: What model is this tunic?


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    Default Re: What model is this tunic?

    I thought it was a standard M40, looking at the pockets. At first look.

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