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2ND Alcoso Slant...

Article about: Hello friends, here is a recent find and addition to my collection. ACS Heer with the hard to find second type guard. Brass based hilt fittings, steel scabbard, and the first example I have

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    Kevin / Peter,
    I have owned 3 daggers with the "26" stamp to the grip, and still own a WKC slant stamped this way. There was a large thread on GDC years ago on this very subject but since lost to time. It was assumed to be a batch number or manufacturers number for the trolon rods, before it was pre-cut into sections, with only the last grip ( or first ) from the rod being the lucky winner. Stranger for me, is that it only ever seems to appear on orange grips? and yes.......mostly from WKC daggers.

    Great ACS, extremely hard pattern early dagger to find and a first for me to see one with a slant grip. I always expected a 2nd pattern to be out there somewhere so congrats for digging this one out of the woodwork.

    edit: Should also mention the eagle on this 2nd pattern cross-guard is massive, notice how the lower edge of the swastika touches and overhangs the upper scabbard band. It is the same on every example and unique to this config.

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    Kevin thanks for your reply, this is only dagger which has number on grip which I have in my collection, but many daggers I never took apart, so maybe they have numbered grip... but I don´t think so... Maybe in future we will find more numbered daggers

    Vedran, this is very interesting information, I never had this kind of sword in my hands, but I saw one in one auction several months ago, price was about 400 € and it was still wrapped in original alcoso storage paper and alcoso issue tag, but I do not have too much knowledge to buy this items.

    Jon, I agree, I never saw numbered white grips, but I believe, if they are not plaster filled types, they can be numbered - maybe early production of 1937 or 1938 ? I still can´t imagine, why germans has markings almost on everything (guns, tanks, planes, bayonets) but not on each dagger parts

    Regards Peter

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    Great info Degens, I have noticed the close proximity of the swaz wreath to the top band on all the examples I have witnessed also..

    As far as the "26" numbered C grips, here is my example from the WKC with initial all brass fittings (including scabbard)...very dark as usual!

    2ND Alcoso Slant...

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    I as in a bit of a rush with my previous post and neglected to mention the full details. Going from memory, I think the number stamped onto these grips is actually "236" with the "3" in most cases getting obliterated when the centre hole is drilled. Several examples I have seen, you can actually see the left overs of the digit on the edges of the hole. No sign of it on yours Kevin and it all depends on the initial accuracy and orientation of both the stamp and the drilling of the clearance hole as to whether any visible sign remains. It further enforces the fact that this number was stamped before the cut and drilling process, i.e on the end section of the rod only.

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    Kevin rarity and condition we all hope for it but you got it with this one. I really like this Alcoso Type-2 really a great looking bird and honestly as Jon said it ranks as one tuff guard to locate.
    Jon great info on the grip #

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