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Alcoso 3th pattern Heer dagger with distributers marked blade

Article about: Pick this one up a few hours ago, a full rig, distributers marked Alcoso. Its got a lovely patina, no scabbard dents, a great blade with lots of cross grain with just a little greying toward

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    Thank you Gents for the nice reply's

    That is another great example you posted Jon, lovely dagger, great to see his identical twin!


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    Circuit advertisement Alcoso 3th pattern Heer dagger with distributers marked blade
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    Hi Ger, almost everything was said, I just have to add that I love this kind of daggers, complete with knot, hangers and with some interesting aspects - for example distributor mark on blade, early pommel...

    Thanks for showing this gorgeous example, which we do not see very often in this condition!



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    Some really nice daggers here guys!!!.. loving the colours in the handles a very nice deep colour in my eyes lol.. Thankd for showing very nice.. Cheers Terry.

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    Nice Ger! I like these earlier 3rd type Alcoso's...last question to ask is, is this an "Eisenkopf"? This term was phrased long ago on GDC and denotes the early 3rd type Alcoso's that have the heavy iron or steel based fittings that are magnetic.. they always have the earlier hand enhanced pommels, but there were light metal fitted versions that had this nice pommel too... SO GET OUT A MAGNET AND SEE WHAT YOU HAVE! Kevin.

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    Hi Kevin, ive seen the Alcoso ad which had iron fittings on the WAF forum made by Stingray, some 2 months ago.
    Found that a very interesting ad, so i did some research aabout the Alcoso iron fittings, pity i missed that Ivan Alcoso dagger, was interesting.
    Funny thing is that ive found a SMF Slant with iron crossguard to
    This is also a heavy dagger so i did the iron test already, but its has brass fittings and a tapered tang.


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    Kevin look at this SMF guard, iron fittings too!
    Alcoso 3th pattern Heer dagger with distributers marked blade

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    Quote by PeterCollector View Post
    Hi Ger, almost everything was said,
    Not Quite Peter ask him about the Widow..
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

    One never knows what tree roots push to the surface of what laid buried before the tree was planted - Larry C

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    Darn Larry,

    we agreed on keeping that our little secret
    btw tuesday its your turn


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    Wow! Very interesting Ger! I have never seen a iron fitted SMF!, or seen a Alcoso 3rd that is brass based..have to love the endless variations on these Heer daggers..Good stuff!! Kevin.

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