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Army Dagger grey aging or cleaned?

Article about: Hello, would like opinions on this dagger. Is blade showing age spots or been cleaned? IF cleaned how much will that hurt value? Thanks for looking.

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    Quote by No1canuck View Post
    The crossguard is a high lift but different than most that I have seen.

    Sorry Steve, its not the highlift 4th Pattern (last type) ......this should be of any help...... i posted a few of the proper ones....look for distributer marked Alcoso's.......


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    Circuit advertisement Army Dagger grey aging or cleaned?
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    I blame myself, I bought it at a local show thinking that I had all the research done. It is my very first TR dagger. What I thought was tarnish is heavy cleaning. The seller said I can check it out and return if not happy. But now other then paying a little high for it I like it [$575 CDN]. IT is the number 3 pattern cross guard and all is good on it. Straight tang, plaster filled grip. My one question I had was it maybe the scabbard was not Alcosa. Maybe you guys could help me with that?

    Now price, I will talk price as it doesn't bother me. I just can't find any for sale at dealer sites or private that match this cleaned example to compare price. You just can't find any all original with a maker mark for under $500 US. Maybe I missed it. So I paid $432 US for a not so good collectable dagger. Should I beat myself up about, be happy or return it?


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    If you have the oppurtunity to return it with a full refund, i would not hesitate another second.
    The Scabbard is a standard Generic and is not Alcoso.
    Alcoso 3th pattern aren't rare and not expensive either, i think you overpaid bigtime, condition of the blade is on edged weapons like these one of the things that makes it price, the other fact is that it married another scabbard, for mankind a blessing.....for a dagger in most cases a disaster
    Better wait for a good textbook Alcoso, they come along in time.

    Better buy a good army dressdaggers referencebook, i know where you can order them


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    Hi Ger,

    it is interesting to note, that Alcoso probably went into serious problem with his own fittings in 1940 and begining of 1941. I saw several daggers from alcoso which has generic fittings from this era. For example there I have LW 2nd. model dagger with all generic parts including generic scabbard, but I also saw dagger from same year of production, which has Alcoso parts, but only scabbard was generic. Next, in 1940 Alcoso also used generic "B" parts for his army daggers - only in short time, but dagger is all generic. Later I saw, especialy with Alcoso 4th. type some generic scabbards, and I also have one. But you are right, I never saw generic scabbard with 3rd pattern crossguard. Dagger is textbook except scabbard, but i have to study quite long time, when I spoted 3rd. patter Alcoso crsossguart and till this moment Im not sure if it is, because details are almost worn or polished off

    This is only my observation during years

    Best regards


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    If it Can be returned Do so as soon as possible!

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    I purchased about half year ago this Hi-Lift dagger for about 280 (and Im still thinking I payed too much) but only because it was old attic find. And this dagger looks much, much better than yours

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Army Dagger grey aging or cleaned?   Army Dagger grey aging or cleaned?  

    Army Dagger grey aging or cleaned?   Army Dagger grey aging or cleaned?  

    Army Dagger grey aging or cleaned?   Army Dagger grey aging or cleaned?  

    Army Dagger grey aging or cleaned?   Army Dagger grey aging or cleaned?  

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    How can you say better, my blade looks better. Kidding, I get it overall it is better and rarer high lift cross guard.

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    Ok I messed up, but I like it, it's my first. Maybe I'll seek part refund as I have good idea of what value is. Going to be tough as seller is an old timer who is not on the internet so I think he thinks value is what I paid. Then yes I will return it as you all have mentioned.

    I also am a collector that is buying what interests me and not for re-sale value. And my interests are more towards the field worn items rather then mint.

    Thanks for the help, most appreciated!

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    Quote by WW2headgearlover View Post
    I also am a collector that is buying what interests me and not for re-sale value. And my interests are more towards the field worn items rather then mint.
    Good on you. Keep the dagger.

    If you like it and you are happy with what you paid for it then I do not see a problem.
    I'm not really a dagger collector. My maiin interest is crosses but I have bought items
    that I know I paid more for than what they are worth, simply because I liked it. I am a
    collector -- I don't sale and rarely trade. I buy what catches my eye. Granted, I don't
    want to get screwed on the price but sometimes I just gotta have it.
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    Hi, these are dress daggers and are exactly that, worn for dress, not used in "in the field". Because they were worn as a dress item they can be found in very nice condition. Although the GIs that brought them home as souvenirs sometimes cleaned or sharpened them. Also their kids or grandchildren would get a hold of them and just downright abuse them. Dont feel bad, you will find that in this hobby we all have had a "learning curve" , and have had to chalk it up to experience. Sometimes you have to take a risk. My first heer dress dagger was a terrible mess, with only a couple parts that were even useable. I did not pay alot, but it was not worth anywhere near what I did pay. I also had the option to return for refund, but did not. I still have it after all these years, I look at it and laugh, but it means something to me looking back, its special, it was my "first one". I am not saying you should keep it, or return it, as that is a personal decision, but just letting you know others have been there too. K.

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