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Is this army dagger a Wingen 1st?

Article about: Thanks guys, for all the info. I'm slowly learning about all these WW2 items, and owe the lump sum of my meager knowledge to the kind replies and patient guidance of you fine folks! I kind o

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    Default Is this army dagger a Wingen 1st?

    Found this dagger, thinking this is a Wingen 1st....Anton W blade.

    Seller wants $560. If it is a Wingen, aren't those somewhat rare, and often worn down due to soft metals? This one seems to have pretty good detail to my novice eye.

    Edit: A.W. Jr is Wingen isn't it? That makes this something of a rarity doesn't it, especially in this condition? Please correct me if I'm wrong.


    Is this army dagger a Wingen 1st?
    Is this army dagger a Wingen 1st?
    Is this army dagger a Wingen 1st?
    Is this army dagger a Wingen 1st?
    Is this army dagger a Wingen 1st?

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    Yes-Yes & Yes!! Blade looks to have been polished on a wheel but that certainly looks like a rare wingen 1st.

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    I'm trying to pick this one up. The seller is kind of difficult to buy from though. We'll see....

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    Love the grip !! Good Eyes and Study Avenger
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

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    Listed as the Wingen 1st, this is true to a degree, in that it is the first cross-guard produced by the Wingen firm. It is not however the first dagger assembled by the firm, that honour goes to the slant grip, E-Pack 1st cross-guard marked Wingens.
    This particular dagger came slightly later in 1936 and for a very short time. It is probably 10x rarer in my humble opinion than the earlier Pack fitted Wingen army daggers.
    Blade condition is a shame but the rest of this daggers fittings are glorious, quality brass based alloy that turns the fittings a chocolate colour over time. The grip has also developed a great deep complimentary colour.
    Here is another, the earlier Pack type from Wingen, note how the fittings have that unique brass or golden coloration ( not just because the base metal was brass if that makes sense ), I have only ever seen this on Wingen examples to this degree.

    Is this army dagger a Wingen 1st?

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    Thanks for the info Degens! If I read that right, the dagger I'm posting about is 10 x more rare than the E-Pack you're talking about?

    The seller still had it, so I guess I'm the owner of this dagger. I'll take some good pictures when it arrives.

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    VERY cool Heer with a RARE guard. (and one I am looking for!) Well done, look forward to seeing more! Kevin.

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    Well Scott,

    all has been said by the Gents above, you triggered the Heer experts with the right question a Wingen 1st?
    Pity the blade is polished but other then that a lovely dagger!
    Go for it i would say


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    Just my opinion of course but yes, it is a very tough cross-guard pattern to find for the type collectors. They nearly always have poor definition and lack any sort of detailing to the eagle. I cannot remember to be honest ever seeing one with crisper detailing than the one shown above.
    The Pack fitted Wingens are far from common but this in house pattern is far more scarce.

    p.s Congrats, great purchase that anyone of us army nuts would have been happy to own.

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    Early brass hangers too if Im correct, blade isnt that bad, just diplay it in the scabbard, the detail on the outside is the glorious part of this rare maker. good catch!

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