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Army officer dagger by Carl Eickhorn

Article about: Hello, dear collectors and friends I want to ask for help with this Army dagger produced by Carl Eickhorn firm. Dagger itself is not a big deal - It is standard early Eickhorn piece with han

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    Default Re: Army officer dagger by Carl Eickhorn

    That dagger is gorgeous by the way. I really ought to pick one of these up.

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    Quote by ObKrieger View Post
    Woah, that's a weird one for me. I think it might have belonged to a cavalry officer as 'Reit.' is a German abbreviation/root word for a cavalryman. That would make sense seeing as how it is an early dagger. I cannot find an abbreviation for 'Est.' that makes sense. Maybe the blurred out middle part would actually make it read something completely different. I am stumped.

    When in doubt, call Andreas.
    The "mystery abbreviation" is actually "Esk." for "Eskadron", i.e. a cavalry troop.

    (I'll have to look closer at the rest of the text on a bigger screen, as I am away on a business trip and currently fiddling with my cell phone.)
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    Default Re: Army officer dagger by Carl Eickhorn

    Hello friends, I want to say THANKS to each of you, for your helps! Now I see I did mistake with my photos , now I ´m at work, but when I return I will take off this little piece of cloth and send better pictures of it, so then you will be able to read each letter and number on it.

    Larry C - Of course I will send detailed photo of each dagger

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    Default Re: Army officer dagger by Carl Eickhorn

    Thank You Andreas for your valued time..and wish you the best on your trip. Looking forward to your analysis of this cloth upon your your convenience. Best Regards Larry
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    Default Re: Army officer dagger by Carl Eickhorn

    Hello friends, I promised to sent better photo of little piece of cloth and markings on it - so here it is:

    I hope it will be more helpful to identify direct unit or maybe owner...

    Thanks for your time and help. I really appreciated it!

    Regards Peter

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    Default Re: Army officer dagger by Carl Eickhorn

    Thanks, that's better; it makes sense now.

    We already know the "Esk." bit. This is precededy by a "2." or "3". (Only a small portion of the number is legible.) The letters in brackets are not "ßt", but "Pr" and the last part of the abbreviation is not a "99" but an "R"; the initial letter of "Regiment" or its abbreviation.

    The unit in question is the 2nd or 3rd Eskadron of the 13. (Preußisches) Reiter-Regiment. A designation originating in the Reichswehr era, the regiment was re-designated as Kavallerie-Regiment 13 in October 1936.

    For some German-language info on the regiment, see:
    Lexikon der Wehrmacht - Kavallerie-Regiment 13

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    Default Re: Army officer dagger by Carl Eickhorn

    Hello, thanks for help with markings on little piece of cloth on my Wehmracht dagger. It was really mystery for my, but now thanks to you I can say to which regiment dagger belongs. Your valuable information certainly adds importance to this dagger. And what do you think about "Aehle" or "Aehte" it could be name or nickname of owner? I just want to know your opinion.

    Again Thanks a lot for your time and help.

    Best regards

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    Great textbook early Eickhorn-early scabbard & pommel of course type-1 crossguard. As a waffenrock collector the tag looks like a typical name tag you find sewn in uniforms – looks period to me. Now that HPL2008 has figured out the regiment and you have the name of the officer this should prove to be a favorable research project. Really nice to be able to attribute the dagger to an officer rarely are you fortunate to have this opportunity. I would start with the 1935 rank list as this dagger was made in 35 or early 36

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    Agreed. This is a private purchase clothing label.

    Very nice rig!

    Cheers, Ade.
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    I wanted to add these type labels are generally seen on the lower ranks EM - NCO I have never seen one on an officer waffenrock (not sure about other types of uniforms) the named officer waffenrock I own or have seen have sewn in tailor/name tags. Still certainly possible this tag belonged to the officer at some point of his career though.

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