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Clemen and Jung Heer Dagger for review

Article about: Gentlemen. I welcome your expert thoughts on this Clemen and Jung Heer Dagger. It has the double stamped blade i.e. the Z in Crown over shield on the obverse with CLEMEN & JUNG SOLINGEN

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    Default Clemen & Jung Heer Dagger for Review

    Ok Gents. I have now seen C&J Daggers with Generic A style as well as WKC 1st style crossguards. A previous thread in 2014 also commented that C&J used E-Pack fittings before going Generic.

    So can anybody be sure this C&J Heer dagger is not an accurate period piece? It would be nice to determine for definite the integrity of this piece.

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    JP, Sorry for delay, been away on vacation. I cant say for sure that C&J didn't use Pack made fittings, but in my opinion, the scabbard is for sure a miss-match. I would say that I would expect the tang (portion of blade within the grip assembly) to be an early thick tapered type and not the thin shouldered by the guard type. Take a few pics and show us which it is.. Best, Kevin

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    Thanks Kevin.
    Two pics of the blade tang.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Clemen and Jung Heer Dagger for review   Clemen and Jung Heer Dagger for review  

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    Forgot to mention, the scabbard is also magnetic so probably manufactured form steel.

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    Well JP, for me this is the clincher. With these initial production Pack made fittings I wouldn't be happy with anything but a thick, tapered tang, not the later thin shouldered tang you show. Along with the miss matched scabbard I would return it if possible. Best, Kevin.

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    I fully agree with Kevin & Danny, a total mismatch of parts and IMO this dagger is a total partsdagger.


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    Thanks Ger all the comments on this dagger have convinced me to return it, I have been promised my money back so hope to let you all know soon the outcome.

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    Hi Jp... It takes Keen eyes to identify the differences in details and fittings mostly with these Heer types. Dont feel bad..about acquiring the least you can get a refund. I know for myself.. I would also have to lean on the expertise of these guys..when especially the prices..and the mixed parted types..come together in the same collecting arena..I want to be sure.

    You have received the Best answers from the Forums Top Heer Collectors. Regards Larry
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

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    Gents, Thanks for all your advice. Based upon your comments, other red flags such as the cross guard not fitting properly and the detail in T Wittmann's book, I have now had a full refunded, despite the dealer being adamant that the dagger is 100% accurate and not a parts dagger as it now appears. Thanks again for all your comments.
    Now looking for a good Heer dagger.

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    Hi JP, before buying a nice heer dagger perhaps you better get some insight in the materials etc...
    Wait a few months and you can buy a good reference book in full colour,see the link below
    Sneak preview Book cover of the new Army dress dagger book "Heeresdolche" by Danny & Ger


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