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Different styles of Heer grips

Article about: There are differences in grip styles looking at the early Slants (A), then B till the later C style. The pics with 3 or 4 grips on it have the early Slant on the left ending with the later s

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    Circuit advertisement Different styles of Heer grips
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    Quote by stingray View Post
    Beautiful grips guys
    Is someone has the black (funeral) grip to show ?

    Ivan, Solid black Trolon from Seilheimer

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    Circle of Heers.

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    'King' Tiger

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    Impressive Serge....the Black gripped Paul Seilheimer is a site to behold..and the Tiger variant Heer..that crossguard stands alone . Regards Larry
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

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    Wags thx for adding these lovely daggers to the post!
    First PS dog with sword in mouth logo for me, lovely piece!
    I have 2 PS with WKC 1st and with Gen.A both tapered tangs, but yours would finish it!

    Can you post the Weyersberg in the Heer forum, these early ones are so rare that i would love to see another one posted.


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    Thanks guys.
    The Paul Seilheimer Dog logo varient, is a very hard one to find. I know of one other that a friend of mine got from the Denny Roach collection. It has a glass 'orange juice' grip.

    Yes, I will post the Weyersberg in the Heer forum. There's also another one that actually goes with it, will show that one also.

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    Beauties Serge!! Kevin.

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    Well Gents here my latest Henckels with a custom grip, i have contacted several seasoned collectors worldwide and they have only seen a handfull with the same grip.
    E.Pack has used the same grip, that might be the maker as Henckels used a lot of Pack hardware, including this enhanced Pack3
    Enjoy this lovely and rare grip!
    Different styles of Heer gripsDifferent styles of Heer grips

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    Im pretty sure I saw this dagger at the Max Show with Ford Crews and we discussed it in hand. I have personally never seen a grip like this but would love to see a few more examples as we all know new discoveries still abound. I also remember this dagger having a Klass marked scabbard which fit the crossguard type and hand work. I wonder if this is the same dagger?

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