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Drei Katzen

Article about: Here we have three examples of the early Puma product.. Two initial production examples and one recently acquired example that I feel is the next step in the evolution of the Puma Heeres dag

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    a lovely set kevin!
    I saw that Puma Pack for sale and im glad you took it, its a great addition to your other Puma's and although it has quite a lot of plate lifting it reveals the process and timeline of the slants to the B grip and Pack 3 guards.
    I think this can only be the last production of Slants before switching over to the B grip.
    IMO Tom makes the right conclusing to date the pack earlier as the later period as generaly assumed.

    I think there is a nice study still to be explored looking at scabbards and scabbard bands.
    Who use which type, its there like the generic 2 crossguard also a generic early scabbard band?
    Ive seen similar pattern along different makers and it might be usefull totry to determen bands to makers.

    Tom & kevin you both have seen and own(ed) a lot of slant maybe you can exchange pics of scabbards/bands to get more insight in this matter?

    Kevin thx for showing!

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    Thanks for kind words Ger. I was glad to pick this next Generation Puma slant up, it was one that probably threw a lot of people off of it by virtue of the lifting to the plating and the rare configuration.. Some may have thought parts piece but if you look at the other early examples in aluminum like this and little details like the hand work style and flat head scabbard screws versus the round head screws on the Packs.. it works for me. The fit is really good, grip to tang and the guard fits like an early dagger should to the tang Not to mention the negotiated price was right! I saw another one time in this same configuration but cant remember where.. driving me nuts! So please post any examples like this if the owner is reading this.. Best, Kevin.

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    Excellent selection of daggers once again Kev!! i couldnt help but notice the nice hangers with them, do i see some oak leave actually on the clips there ?? not to often seen on hangers either if i am not mistaken cool would you mind posting a couple of photos of the full hanger please
    cheers Ronnie

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    Beautiful daggers Kevin! Very interesting observations too Ronnie is right, those hangers are very special. I would even call them rare.


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    Ronnie and Danny, Sorry I never answered your inquires about these early hangers! THANKS for noticing!! Accoutrements get very little attention on these forums.. I really like the extras like this myself! These metal tabbed Tombac based hangers are the initial "Deluxe" Heer hanger!(before they came out with the larger push snap deluxe clip) I snap them up whenever I see them because they scream initial production and SLANT Heer! (very hard to find as you say!) These are the finest ones I have seen still retaining most of their delicate silver wash. The other set is a brass based standard version also very early in my opinion, with beautiful toned leather tabs that have a cross hatched pattern not often seen! Show us some early hangers if you have them! best, Kevin.

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