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Early cross guard engraved Army

Article about: With service record

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    Default Early cross guard engraved Army

    With service record
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Early cross guard engraved Army   Early cross guard engraved Army  

    Early cross guard engraved Army   Early cross guard engraved Army  

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    It is nice to have the service record to go with the dagger.
    Searching for anything relating to, Anton Boos, 934 Stamm. Kp. Pz. Erz. Abt. 7, 3 Kompanie, Panzer-Regiment 2, 16th Panzer-Division (My father)

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    Nice dagger and supporting document of original owner.

    I will move this thread to the Heer forum. Regards Larry
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    Very cool dagger. I'd be happy to have such a dagger in my own collection.

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    I like it! Best Regards, Fred

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    The engraving of the crossguard is really beautiful but when I look at the pictures closely I noticed a few interesting things. First: the crossguard is a type 1 Eickhorn while the blade is made by WKC. Second: the pommel isn't an early type while the crossguard is dated 1935. Third: the scabbard isn't the early version by WKC with the two sidescrews. Instead it has the later single sidescrew config. Again, not conforming with the early dated engraving. Just some food for thought.

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    While the personalization looks good pending translation I agree with DR. it’s a mix of manufacturer’s parts not something you would see with this Eickhorn Type-1

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    Ditto on what DR and Tom said.. need better close ups of dagger. Kevin.

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    MAP is online now


    Will not opine on the dagger itself but a bit of advice on the inscription. Typically, when achaeologists/paleographers study inscriptions and try to determine if they are fake or original, they will look to see if the "wear" and patina goes thru ( or on top for the Patina) the inscriptions or if the inscriptions have been placed over the wear and patina (indicating a fake). Example is the whole "James, brother of Jesus" ossuary (i.e. limestone box used to put the bones of the deceased) controversy over the last few years.

    If you have a good 40x loop, you might be able to look into this (although I am sure the equiptment available to the Paleographers is much more advanced)

    Just a thought to try and help!


    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

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    Because there are a number of what appear to be, and/or are questionable PW personalizations out there (noting Michael's (MAP) comments), I must confess to doing just that digitally and it seemed to be OK. Which is where I stopped. Now it seems that I should have looked more at the other details. , Best Regards, Fred

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