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Early Heer out of the woodwork, Named....

Article about: Hello folks, haven't been posting much lately but this one sparked my interest.. the previous owner was a bit cleaning happy but this is a very early piece fresh out of the woodwork in the w

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    Default Early Heer out of the woodwork, Named....

    Hello folks, haven't been posting much lately but this one sparked my interest.. the previous owner was a bit cleaning happy but this is a very early piece fresh out of the woodwork in the west, initial brass based Eickhorn fittings and an unmarked, tapered tang blade. Believe this to be a piece purchased from a uniform and effects store by this officer, because the parts aren't finished like most Eick 1st fittings. Comments welcome! Best, Kevin.

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    Hi keiv..Nice find..and personalized are always a benefit. Really Nice to see a Doctor owning this. Gives it some worth and identity. Lovely colored slant..looks like apiece of candy. Nice Regards Larry
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

    One never knows what tree roots push to the surface of what laid buried before the tree was planted - Larry C

    “The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” - Winston Churchill

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    Fantastic dagger and beautifully personalized !

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    Kevin that is a very interesting dagger!
    I never understood why Eickhorn ever changed this first type crossguard, imo the best they ever made.
    I have seen Eicks with distributer marked blades, but not a complete early config without any markings.
    Looking at it, and having a tapered tang this set is most likely like it left the store in 1935.
    I think its an extremely nice Slant with a lovely personalized!!



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    Thanks all,

    Ger, was looking forward to you and Danny's opinion as I respect your knowledge on Heers. I feel this dagger left the Uniform and effects store in this configuration.. I had a few questions myself due to the scabbard not being the initial Eickhorn type but the initial production generic seen on many other slants like Alcoso, Holler, Axt, and Plumacher to name a few I have this scabbard on. The pommel is not enhanced in the Eickhorn style, and the guard appears unenhanced as you may expect of a piece made from purchased parts. This dagger was purchased from the Lady that cleaned the house of the capturing Veterans wife, and was given to her by that widow, so I believe it was at least captured just as it is minus the cleaning! Blade itself is interesting too, tapered tang of coarse and the polished blade is quite wide but with a narrow central plain.. Neat dagger all around. Best, Kevin.

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    Kevin my believe is that in the early days stores like this bought parts to build them or complete daggers when they were available.
    There suddenly was a big need for army daggers in 1935, and we see that lots of makers used the early generic parts just to forefill the growing need.
    Lateron we see stores marked them with their distributers name, but..distributers marked are as far as i have seen all of a later period.
    This dagger you show is consistent in its early parts, not a complete buy by one factory, but more party's were involved.
    This one look like a fine early "store" example, and i like it very much!

    thx for showing Kevin!


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    Wonderful personalised heer dagger Kevin

    Great Find !!, Congrats

    Best Mac 66.

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    Beautiful dagger Kevin! The scabbard seems to be an early Alcoso and the crossguard clearly is an Eickhorn Type 1. A very interesting piece that shows that even in the early days of army dagger production distributor firms were buying parts from different sources and put them together. IMO this type of dagger is very rare because the production numbers of the early pieces were still quite low and the number of producers was still limited.

    A great find Kevin. Congratulations!


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    Kevin great piece with great research potential would love this in my collection congratulations on a great historical piece.

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    awesome. My fav color handle

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