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Early Henckel Heer

Article about: I am posting this as a comparison example to the two daggers posted by Tom Kendall here: I don't want to pollute his thread with the add

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    Default Early Henckel Heer

    I am posting this as a comparison example to the two daggers posted by Tom Kendall here: The Tom Kendall Heer Collection and Military Antiques
    I don't want to pollute his thread with the addition of my photos. I will photograph the pommel sans portapee tomorrow, since that is the item in question.

    Early Henckel Heer

    Early Henckel Heer

    Early Henckel Heer

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    Great Henckels Wolfgang!! So many of these have the yellow toned grip..interesting. Thanks for posting! Kevin.

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    That is beautiful!!! The Portepee and hangar look to be in as excellent condition as the dagger.
    Outstanding set!!!! Standing ovation here!!!!!
    Semper Fi

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    Thanks Wolfgang nice Henckels ! I am curious if it has the little circles if my theory is correct seems most if not all Henckels have this enhancement. Now the detail above the leaves does differ as one of mine has great enhancement in this area the other little to none.

    Early Henckel Heer

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    beautiful dagger Wolfgang... the detail in the feathering is precise...IMO...the worker who done this by hand...was probably their top that department. I cant say if I ever seen a Henckels Heer dagger. Thanks for bringing this to the forum Regards Larry
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

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    Only had time for a quick shot. The acorns are represented by little circles. I think you may be correct Tom, this seems to be a unique Henckels trait.


    Early Henckel Heer

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    Wolfgang thanks ! While I'm sure some may not have this feature seems most Henckels do.

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    whatever, a very nice set.

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    Thanks for posting this beauty and pointing out the specific Henckels acorns.
    Great dagger!


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    Hi Wolfgang, outstanding Henkels dagger, crossguard become UNIQUE wit a lot of hand work done! This is real piece of art which collectors admire on these daggers. Thanks for showing it to us.

    Regards Peter

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