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Eickhorn army dagger with glass grip

Article about: Hi guys! Here's one of my latest additions to my collection. It's a nice army dagger by Eickhorn with a beautiful glass grip. It has the 1935-1941 etched trademark. The tang is tapered and t

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    Great information, all these years on dagger forums and over 30 years collecting army daggers and finally a decent explanation and insight, into the process of glass grip manufacture.
    I have tried many times to find answers to my own question, so thank you both for such a knowledgeable and informative response. Sorry to hijack your thread Danny, but at least now you can see why finding that Eickhorn totally intact is a real gem .

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    Not a hijack at all Jon....some exploration..and truth came out of it. Almost like unearthing the Terracotta Warriors in small increments. Great job Gents

    Might lead to a separate thread eventually
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

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    Great info here, and a beauty of a dagger/grip combo!! Kevin.

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    Thanks for the kind comments guys! Interesting information about the grips. I learned something new


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    Beautiful dagger and interesting info about glass grips,thanks.
    I once owned almost the same dagger, but I cannot remember where it ended up

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    Hi Danny, sorry for my late comment to this dagger, I just have to wait for opinions about dagger grip Your dagger is outstanding, nice early dagger with rare grip - really thanks for showing.

    And now I have to say something about grips. I agree with everything which was said about grips, its materials, I also believe that almost each dagger is unique, color changes, materials etc. But look ad my grip in early almost identical Eickhorn dagger - I just wipe this handle with piece of cloth and grip lost some of its orange color!!! Just look at it, and places which are yellow and before I wipe it it was orange - grip lost its orange color with no reason. And now it is yellow-orange and no color can be lost for now, because rest of orange color holds perfectly on it - this is real mystery for me.

    Please tell me your opinions.

    Thanks a lot

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Eickhorn army dagger with glass grip   Eickhorn army dagger with glass grip  

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    Never seen that happen before Peter. The cloth wasn't micro-fibre or similar was it, i.e semi-abrasive?.

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    On the right track IMO, a standard procedure for restoring cast phenolic resin objects to an approximation of their original color is to polish away the (unintentional) surface layer which is not very thick. With broken items such as grips that are broken once again showing multiple shades as the previously broken parts that started to age from the time they were first broken, contrasting with the freshly broken parts. So if I had to make a guess - it's that the grip may have at some point been polished (or worn away) on the more exposed part of the grip that was not quite as thick as the surface layer inside the grooves. Best Regards, Fred

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    Hi to all, sorry for my late reply to this thread - I had a lot of work
    Jon, no it was standard piece of cloth from my old T-shirt, nothing unusual, I use it to clear dust from my daggers - and this happen to me for first time with this dagger.
    Frogprince (funny name) - thanks for your opinion, I don´t want to polish this grip too hard, I just want to clean it and then cloth become orange and grip lost some of its orange color - I inspect dagger today again and try to polish it (lightly) and nothing happen...

    Thanks for your opinions friend and valuable help!

    Best regards Peter

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    Danny nice dagger as Jon said very hard to find a glass grip that’s not damaged in some way. Here’s some food for thought we all know artificial ivory grips were made I have always wondered if these glass grips were intended to be artificial amber? We know the Germans had a fascination with amber. None the less nice addition to your collection Danny.
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