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Ger and Dannys' New Heersdolche Reference Book

Article about: Ger and Danny , I have just taken delivery of , and am the new proud owner of your fantastic publication on the reference of Heersdolche and the flashcard that accompanies it ! Thankyou so m

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    Book has turned up & from what I can see on Skype it looks really great. So thank you very much both of you for putting the effort into making a nice book. Cheers Terry.

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    Hello to all, my message is one of the last... sorry I donīt have much free time even to scan book closely But finally I start to scanning book page by page, dagger by dagger and I canīt stop, when I finish at end I start from beginning of book again and again - Ger and Danny, your work is amazing, yours collection also so I have to say big thank you for me! Very nice book, outstanding pictures and dagger about which I can dream!

    Best regards


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    Hello Ger and Danny, I received your book late last week, a wonderful reference that made my daggers look great! Pictures came out great and there are some surprise pieces in there! I was happy to see the Klaas fitted Christianswerk, as I had seen one other at this years SOS show in Kentucky USA and had wondered if it could be correct.. then I see another in your book! That stamped MM Plumacher was a first for me too! Extra pics in the memory card were great also and glad to see that my Rich A. Herder slant made it in there I think you put out a great work here, congrats on this Book! Best, Kevin.

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    Gents if anyone wants to order a copy then he better do it quick.
    We are running out of stock....we have 26 copies with usb flashdrive left!
    Danny & Ger

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    Hello, I received the book, the material is excellent photo quality, a book that shows the great effort that the authors have done. They are my congratulations to them. A gem for the collector. Best regards.

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    I also received my book. Finally, a detailed examination of the myriad of daggers produced during the war that a novice dagger collector such as myself can depend on to help identify potential purchases. The accompanying flash card completes the package with high res images to illuminate all the nooks and crannies. Nice job guys!

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    I got my Heeresdolch book some days ago and I just love it. With the beautiful photos is more like a book of art. Highly recommended.

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    Ger and Danny I have 1 of the last remaining books received, the picture quality is very high and as a result, the details comes out perfectly.
    I,m not a collector of this type dagger but I like to learn someting about this and you never know what comes in the future You did a great job! Thanks

    Regards Rafael The only information site for SA NSKK and SS daggers in dutch language!

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    Dear Gents i have done a partial trade/buy with Thomas Wittmann and this included also our "Heeresdolche" reference book which i shipped to him, with his permission i quote his comments:
    first comment:
    I have taken a moment to look thru your Army Book and I am very impressed. I was only able to introduce the subject back in the 1990s, as there was no Internet like today, to really do great research. You have done a superb job here, showing clear photos of all of the variations, many if which were not known when I did my reference.
    This book is a tremendous boom to the hobby and I congratulate you and Danny on a wonderful job. I wish you both great sales and I am sure you have experienced internal satisfaction which such an outstanding gift to our beloved hobby.
    about the USB card with the detailed pictures of the dagger: sounds like a unique idea and very helpful to those that want to study the Army mounts - terrific idea here!
    Second comment after asking permission to use his comments:
    Yes, no problem, with using my comments on your superb book. Each time I look through it, I am more impressed with the contents and job that you have done - an invaluable effort here for the collecting community and should help to encourage new collectors to consider concentrating on the most interesting subject of Army "types". When I did my book in the 1990s, I had no idea that the subject would grow to this level of sophistication.

    I can say we are very proud to hear these words from an author like Thomas T. Wittmann who we consider one of the founders of TR edged weapons reference books.

    Danny & Ger

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    A most honorable message from a founding father who took the hobby to the next level of of collecting and study.
    Gents like Atwood and Johnson who were pioneers in many of these militaria websites today.
    Well done

    Regards Larry
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

    One never knows what tree roots push to the surface of what laid buried before the tree was planted - Larry C

    “The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” - Winston Churchill

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