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Heer dagger Alcoso "High lift" crossguard

Article about: There are a few good points given here in the replies by Vedran, Peter and Wolfgang. If you want to stay on the save side of the line, and dont want any questions about the dagger when you w

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    Default Heer dagger Alcoso "High lift" crossguard

    hi all ..i'd like to know if there's something wrong with this shows the last period "high lift" eagle but the third maker mark style...may be right?
    the scabbard seems to be a generic can be corresponding? thanka a lot and merry Christmas
    Heer dagger Alcoso "High lift" crossguardHeer dagger Alcoso "High lift" crossguardHeer dagger Alcoso "High lift" crossguardHeer dagger Alcoso "High lift" crossguardHeer dagger Alcoso "High lift" crossguardHeer dagger Alcoso "High lift" crossguardHeer dagger Alcoso "High lift" crossguardHeer dagger Alcoso "High lift" crossguardHeer dagger Alcoso "High lift" crossguard

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    That's actually right. Looks like you've got a pretty bubby rear crossguard but its pretty common on these.

    The scabbard is made from steel so they usually have signs of rust.

    All normal, seasons greetings matty

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    thanks mattty.

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    Hi, you have very nice textbook Hi-Lift Alcoso dagger. Scabbard is not Alcoso product, but it is generic - I believe it belongs to this piece, because Alcoso frequently use in year 1940-1941 some generic parts, I also have similar dagger, with generic scabbard, and Luftwaffe dagger 2nd. model with generic scabbard and parts, so I think in these years of production Alcoso just ran out of its own parts and have to purchase generics.

    Nice daggers, thanks for showing it to us.

    Regards peter

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    thank you peter

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    You have the fourth type of ACS Herr dagger.
    Dagger is "correct", but the scabbard is replaced with a generic A type.
    With this, dagger has been cleaned - a big downside.
    Portepee looks ok, but it is subsequently added to the dagger.
    Not for my taste.

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    thanks Vedran...i've read on wittman's book that late alcoso daggers can have generic you think that the dagger went out from the factory with this scabbard or it has been replaced subsequently?' best regards

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    Who knows?
    Herr daggers it is always easy to assemble and disassemble.
    Now, many collectors do not agree with me, but I'm sticking to my opinion.


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    Hi, I still believe that Alcoso use during the period Generic scabbard - mostly for this Hi-Lift pattern, I saw this combination on several daggers, which were in untouched condition... so that is why I believe in my theory.

    Regards Peter

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    I agree Peter. I think most manufacturers used generic or other manufacturer parts at times. They were running a busyness, therefore had to get whatever parts they could when needed. I am sure that outsourcing was as common then as it is now. They were not concerned with future collectors looking for textbook pieces.
    Granted, there are a great many parts daggers resulting from post war mix and match experiments. However common sense and a reasonable eye for what feels correct is important when collecting these daggers. Many unexplained anomalities exist, especially in the early daggers. Collecting only textbook pieces would be very restrictive.
    This is of course just my opinion. We all have to define the limits of our own collections.


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