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Heer dagger by Horster with Alu fittings

Article about: This Horster has a pristine blade, full cross grain and a great tip. The Guard and pommel are the Aluminium type. This dagger should appeal Vedran, as it is an unmessed/uncleaned one Enjoy t

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    Thank you all gents for the nice words, its appreciated

    #Matty, Horster used a silver wash/lacquer on their Alu fittings, the silver wash builds patina.
    Normal Alu fittings which lack these wash/lacquer do not build any patina.
    They stay as they are, for example this one a Puma with alu guard, same guard, no wash, and no patina.

    Heer dagger by Horster with Alu fittings

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    Thankyou for clearing that one up Gerrit I didn't know that these types of daggers were silver plated over the alu. Indeed it does explain the mystery over the patina.

    Seems you've got a proper little gem, definitely one to hang onto.

    Thanks for explaining and showing, kind regards matty

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    Great Horster Ger! You must be happy with this one! Kevin.

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    Indeed im glad with this one.
    Always a supreme moment: unboxing the dagger and look at it the first time!
    That can be so sweet

    It comes close to that moment when you hear that great Beep in your headphone when you search with your metal detector on a field where the Romans once lived, and you whipe the dirt from a coin and a Roman Emperors head is staring back at you after 1800 years.......priceless


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    Even better, when the Emperor's head is on nice shiny yellow metal...

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Love the Patina on this one! Great looking dagger As Jon said scarce config but that heavy lacquer screams Horster.

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