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heer dagger opinion

Article about: Hi members i would like to have our opinion about this heer dagger looks good to me ( or good copy) thank you Annoyed from this ads?   best regards

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    Default heer dagger opinion

    Hi members
    i would like to have our opinion about this heer dagger
    looks good to me ( or good copy)
    thank you
    heer dagger opinionheer dagger opinionheer dagger opinionheer dagger opinionheer dagger opinion
    best regards

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    Thx Jon for adding your link in your reply, makes it for the novice so much easier!
    Nice to see it matches the 1946-1960th repro


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    I think they only came in this colour .

    The grip is plastic so does not change colour EVER. An army dagger being sold with a grip this colour is always worth a closer inspection. I posted the link purely because the one that I show is an exact match.

    I should also mention this is the best attempted repro you will come across. Notice how the Holler trademark even has "Solingen" and is very close to an original. The dagger looks good from photos, not so good when you get it in hand though.

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    Thanks a lot
    when i saw the pictures i almost convinced that i was a good one (patina trade marks etc)
    but when i saw your link that's clearly the 1946 repro dagger.
    are those daggers war souvenir made for the soldiers?
    what is the value of these repro in general?
    it can be a nice filler i guess

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    Wow, this is a dangerous repro, especially in pictures like these where they're not very close up on the details. And covering the swastika, I'll never understand when trying to sell these since that's an element that can be used to identify them. At least for posting here, hopefully everyone knows it's okay to show the swaz.

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    I saw this dagger many times on auction, and believe me or not, sometimes with authentic hanger and portepee, and buyers payed more 500 - it is shame! I also saw Holler Berlin marked blade, and it was more expensive, because seller said it was something "RARE".


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