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Heer Dagger for Review

Article about: And finally detail of the scabbard rings

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    Default Heer Dagger for Review

    Hello All,
    is this a new age repro or a mixture of good or bad or just a worn original.
    Your help and opinions would be appreciated
    All the best

    Heer Dagger for Review

    Heer Dagger for Review

    Heer Dagger for Review

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    I would say a good 1 but had a hard life.

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    Looks like a fairly early Eickhorn with 2nd type trademark and 2nd design crossguard (?) with the standard grip, but i'm still learning so better wait for the stabby guys to comment. Like Harry says, a bit of a hard life, but the blade and scabbard don't look too bad from the one pic.

    Regards, Ned.
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    We shall stick it out to the end, but we are getting weaker of course, and the end cannot be far.
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    Last Entry - For God's sake look after our people.'

    In memory of Capt. Robert Falcon Scott, Edward Wilson, Henry Bowers, Lawrence Oates and Edgar Evans. South Pole Expedition, 30th March 1912.

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    Thanks Harry and Ned,
    that sounds like it may be worth a bite then.
    Ned that is great info because my next question was going to be what pattern the crossguard was.
    I think from the pictures that it is at least one of the early plated ones (from what I have read) but I am still unsure as to the classification.
    If I get it I will upload some more detailed pics.
    All the best

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    The eagle has straight wings, they dont go up slightly like the wings of the second type Eick pattern did.
    It also has the short feathers body so Im leaning towards the first type Eicks.

    but you better put it the other way around in its scabbard before Ade catches you with your pants down...


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    I love that grip !!

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    Hello dear friends, this army dagger IS NOT GOOD, it is not early Eickhorn dagger. From these photos I can say that pommel seems to be Carl Eickhorn product, but I canīt see it because photo is bad. In my opinion this grip is not Eickhornīs and crossguard also. Crossguard is ALCOSO 3rd. patent - Eickhorn never use this 3rd. Alcoso crossguard and Alcoso company never sold its own crossguard (I mean 3rd.) to other producers. Blade is product of Carl Eickhorn with 1935-1941 trademark. Scabbard is Eickhornīs too.

    So if you donīt want to add partial dagger into your collection DO NOT purchase it. Doug please find photos of Alcoso and Eickhorn daggers in this thread: You can compare photos of C. Eickhorn and Alcoso 3rd. crossguards to your example and you will see what Iīm talking about.

    I hope my opinion helps.
    Best regards Peter

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    Peter I guess your right, it looks indeed as an alcoso 3th pattern, i missed its thin swastika.

    thx for pointing it out!


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    Hi Ger, 3th. pattern Alcoso is one of most common crossguard on army daggers, so that is why we see it on many others army daggers.


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    Blade looks like its been ruined by some one, anyhow.condition of the handle vs the cross guard would make me wonder why?

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