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Heer Daggers

Article about: Hey Guys, I have two Heer Daggers one has no maker and the other by Eickhorn. Light colored dagger with hangers and portapee is unmarked dagger with no serial numbers. The other darken handl

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    Just in case somebody understood all of the above and is still with me , something I forgot to mention was that Holler also used the E-Pack 3rd crossguard TWICE during their production period. Once in or around 1936/7 and again much later 39/40. Both cross-guards are unmistakably E-Pack 3rds but both finished competed differently. The first will have a quality base metal and in most cases some level of enhancing and be crisp and well plated, the latter will mostly use shoddy base metals, have no hand work and is normally matched to a Generic scabbard. p.s The dagger shown above is in fantastic condition, many of these later Packs / Hollers have lost their original plating and lacquer. there a chance that the scabbards are pictured with the wrong daggers? or is this how they came to you.
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    Heer Daggers

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    Thanks Jon.....Glad you stepped was complicated as you said. In collecting these Heer daggers ,,there is a pattern that only a certain devout type collectors can recognize the differences and the producers who used the parts. Jon you being one of them!! Thank you again for your knowledge. Regards Larry
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    Thank you for all your guys help!! And yes Dengens those are the scabbard that came with the daggers

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