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Heer sword ID please

Article about: Thanks Horst i am like a dog on a bone with this but like you say could very well be unattributed, thanks again for all the help guys Ronnie PS hope you get sorted with your PC Horst

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    Default Heer sword ID please

    Hello gang, i picked this sword up yesterday from Stockport fair for a decent price because it has no scabbard, but i cant seem to find this model (jawless Lion head) by Alcoso can anyone tell me what the model is please?
    thanks in advance,
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Heer sword ID please   Heer sword ID please  

    Heer sword ID please  

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    Default Re: Heer sword ID please

    Not really my area, but I'll try to help.
    Looks like a German imperial sword, the AC of course, i wonder whay is dosent have mark on the crossguard, which usually shown to the genus army.
    Maybe Infantry NCO?


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    Default Re: Heer sword ID please

    Thanks Vedran i am pretty sure it is an NCO sword, is quite unusuall not to have a mark on the langet but not totally unheard of, its really bugging me on what model it is thanks for your reply
    cheers Ronnie

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    Default Re: Heer sword ID please

    Ronnie, when you look for a model saber, search among the new imperial model, since yours has wood - synthetic handle. (I suppose)
    Elder sword had a wooden handle with leather.


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    Default Re: Heer sword ID please

    Hi Ronnie try shooting our Moderator "Horst" a PM..he could tell you exactly what you have. He has various types in his bunker. If he doesnt reply within a few days let me know and I will call him. Regards Larry
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    Default Re: Heer sword ID please

    Hi Ronnie,

    IMHO its a NCO imperial cavalry Sword
    look at this site, scroll a bit down to S.20:
    i quote:
    Saxon cavalry sword. Brass jawless lion head sword

    i know its not exactly the same but it points out the direction..

    Cheers Ger

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    Default Re: Heer sword ID please

    Thanks very much guys PM sent to Horst Larry and Ger i have actually been looking on that site last night
    and Verdran thanks also i will double check the search i have been doing
    thanks again All
    cheers Ronnie

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    Default Re: Heer sword ID please

    Ronnie here you are:

    this is the same sword only from a different maker:
    Early Weimar/Third Reich Jawless Lion Head Cavalry Sword w/Double Trademark. E. & F. Hörster, E.&.F. Hörster two-line italic (obverse) & H H S monogram pierced by a sword (reverse) TM. A similar pattern Artillery sword appears in an early 1930's Hörster sales catalog as "Nr. 1305 Offizier-Löwenkopf-Säbel für Kavallerie und Artillerie" A photograph of a similar pattern jawless lion head sword by WKC appears on page 135, upper, of Swords of Germany 1900/1945 by John R. Angolia. Gilded brass hilt fittings show minor surface wear/age patina to the cast highlights, with much factory gilding remaining in the recesses of the jawless lion head pommel with red glass eyes, back strap with deeply cast floral motif and knuckle-bow with deeply cast motif of oak leaves, Iron Cross above crossed swords, lance and an officer's cross strap and pouch. The obverse langet features deeply cast crossed lances and swords beneath a laurel leaf wreath tied with a ribbon. The black celluloid-over-wood grip shows light surface wear with no cracks or chips, and with minor loosening to the twisted wire wrap, but no missing strands. Plain, plated blade measuring 35 ¼" in length grades EX++ showing light surface wear/runner marks and a minor speckling, but no lifting, pitting or nicks to cutting edge. Blade is complete with brown leather buffer pad. Dent-free steel scabbard retains approximately 98% of the period repainted black enamel.


    Cheers Ger

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    Default Re: Heer sword ID please

    Thanks Ger really appreciate that i am actually in the middle of ordering a copy of the Alcoso sales catalog to see if the model number is in that thanks for all your help again guys,

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    Default Re: Heer sword ID please

    Ronnie - sorry but my PC went south,the motherboard burned had to get a new PC(laptop) and am just getting used to it.
    As to the sword, it looks very much like the WKC model 20 with out any etching on the langet. Wish I could nail it down but there were a number of variations and lots of these swords are still listed as unattributed.

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