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Help to identify?

Article about: Hi there I inherited this bayonet some time ago its a bit worn and rusty so I wonder if anyone can identify ? Thanks Richard

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    Default Help to identify?

    Help to identify?Help to identify?Help to identify?Help to identify?Hi there

    I inherited this bayonet some time ago it’s a bit worn and rusty so I wonder if anyone can identify ? Not sure how to upload iPhone pics


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    We would need pics to authentificate.


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    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

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    Looking forward to seeing it Richard!!
    Semper Fi

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    That does not look like an bayonet, but like an denaziefied Heer Dagger. I have no idea if it is original though, as im very unexperienced in this field of collection.

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    hi it would be a photo maker if there is a blade and a detailed photo of all parts with brands, it could be a heer or railroad dagger from klase or eickhorn but that is a controversial topic.

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    It looks to me like a late (zinc fittings) German Army dagger that has been stored badly. Some more pictures of all of the dagger and details I think would help. Best Regards, Fred

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    Oh no
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    Hello Richardpa, Welcome to the forum, this is not my area of collecting but I glance at most threads, in this condition it might look good next to a "Relic" helmet or something as it's better days have expired. JMO. Again, Welcome..
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    Welcome to the forum.. Your dagger is in poor condition but with some care and careful conservation some of the dirt and rust can be removed. The cloth hangars are also a bit worn and tattered, not much in conserving them any more.. The eagle is damaged which most likely indicates that someone attempted to denazify the dagger to comply with post war occupation policies and regulations..

    I would like to see more pictures of the handle which is the most intriguing part of the dagger. It appears to have a nice dark patina to it.

    Hopefully you can preserve this dagger from further deterioration. Since this is in such poor condition it may be possible to clean the blade by soaking the blade with some oil or WD40, but I would not use any other materials to scrub the blade.. If possible you will have to unscrew the nut at the top of the dagger holding the handle on and then soaking the blade in the WD40 or oil for a few days..

    The scabbard on the other hand may also be restored somewhat by using the same WD40 or light oil method by soaking it,,, and possibly use some very fine steel wool (Not a harsh brillo pad) but some finer smaller steel wool to remove some of the surface rusting..

    I would like to see better pictures of the entire dagger to include the cloth hangars and all the hardware to see if it is worth an attempt to try to clean/preserve..


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