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Help please with heer dagger

Article about: That circle pebbling you refer to is in fact often seen on puma scabbards. And it looks different comparing them with the almost full circle patterns on the fake ones. The Gents above said i

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    Default Help please with heer dagger

    Gentlemen, I would very much appreciate your opinion as to whether this dagger is original or not. I bought it at an estate sale along with other items that are original. The circular patterns on the pebbled scabbard make me nervous, but I understand that such patterns do not automatically indicate a fake. The grip smells like Bakelite, not plastic. Many thanks for your help.Help please with heer daggerHelp please with heer daggerHelp please with heer daggerHelp please with heer daggerHelp please with heer daggerHelp please with heer dagger

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    There are people on here that are far more knowledgable on these than I, but I do not see any real red flags on this Puma dagger.
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    Hi Uncle Paul....looks like a salty I see no issues with most of it. The swirling on the scabbrd may be attributed to possibly another producer. I will leave that in the hands of the Heer guys..and will also move your thread to that forum. happy New patient someone from there will be along shortly and will give you a precise answer to any concerns you may have. Regards Larry
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    Good Puma Herr Dagger - generic type B.
    Unfortunately these dagger is disassembled and cleaned.
    My advice - assemble it and do not disassemble it any more, your dagger is a nice part of history.


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    looks ok to me too.

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    A good genuine example of a Heer Puma that's Been there. Nothing wrong with it, but I do agree, it's been harshly cleaned.

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    Good but salty dagger, congratulation. Marty
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    A nice dagger , nothing wrong with this one The blade shows aging and i understand your concerns about the symmetrical swirling pattern of the pebbling on the scabbard as a red flag of it being a possible repro , but this one is an original example , Look at the way that the patina on the scabbard stops short of the throat , this is where the dagger cross guard has shielded that area from sun/day light over years , i love these little details .

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    Hi, sorry for my late reply, now you know almost everything about this dagger. Nice example with Generic "B" fittings and fine scabbard. Swirling pattern of the pebbling on scabbard is sometimes very good indicator of reproduction, but sometimes authentic examples, like yours have same swirling, so Alan M is right and I agree with him. Here is photo of my generic scabbard which is similar to yours:

    Regards Peter

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    Well I am not a dagger man anymore so maybe I shouldn't comment but it looks like a good Puma make to me. I have seen all kinds of varations of scabbards in the past. timothy

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