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Klaas 1.5 New Crossguard Variation

Article about: The Heer dagger collectors will know that a Klaas Slant is one hard baby to find now a days! This one has a pristine slant grip, great hand enhanced pommel and Eagle. Whats typical for Klaas

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    Thank you Gents for the nice words,its appreciated!

    I had no idea this Klaas would be the start of an interesting discussion.
    Although its not about this dagger im very pleased to see the info about Klaas crosssguards.
    IMO this deserves a thread of its own.
    As we see now there are differences among the crossguards from the first type 1 or the 1.5 or inbetweens?
    Im curious if there are also differences in the hand enhanced pommels.
    If this new thread about Klaas crossguards is opened i would take straight pics of the cross guard like Degens showed and i would be pleased to see other pommels too.


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    Jon - I certainly respect your opinion they are very similar the swaz flaw and the funny toe are the similarities that support the side that they are the same. But the downward angle and offset of the wings and that wreath are points which support the other side they are different. At a minimum IMO a different mold I donít know how many molds these companyís used and how they were produced but at this point I am leaning toward this as a legitimate variation one I am looking for my collection. If I had an example it would be much easier to perform a side by side comparison. Its Ok collectors donít always agree I personally enjoy the analysis. Lets hear some other opinions from the army crowd more eyes on the subject the better.
    Ger Ė Great you started your thread and showed your fantastic Klaas I have had this theory for quite some time and your thread seemed like the perfect opportunity to present it. Ger Larry did open up the new thread titled Klaas 1.5 new Crossguard Variation. Larry can get your original cleaned up to your satisfaction. Like you I would love to see some pommel variations I donít know how many read my post on my Klaas but they certainly used many different configurations.

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    Well after reviewing this picture I am having second thoughts this picture of one of my Klaas looks to show the slight angel and offset to the wings. Tuff to discern details from digital pictures sometimes as angles sometimes contort the image. This is an interesting example it exhibits very little hand work - At first glance it looks to have none but it is visible under a heavy silver plate. The wreath variation still puzzles me. At this point I am sitting on the fence but still looking for a Klaas with the pebbled wreath.

    Klaas 1.5 New Crossguard Variation

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    Ger is this a nickel plated blade?

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    Yes Tom,

    the blade is nickel plated.
    here are better pics of the blade and of the tang where the plating begins

    Klaas 1.5 New Crossguard VariationKlaas 1.5 New Crossguard Variation

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    Here are a couple of comparative photos. First photo comparing Toms crossguard to a better photo of mine. It certainly seems to be the same (Type 1) crossguard. The peppling obscures the leaf pattern, but it can certainly be seen. Details correspond between both guards.

    Klaas 1.5 New Crossguard Variation

    Here a photo of three wreath, left to right, my dagger, the dagger that started this thread and the guard posted by Degens. The type 1 characteristics can be observed in all of them. Hand finishing if the wreath profile makes comparison somewhat difficult, but I think the dot pattern is the same in all three. That would indicate a modification to the die. Hand enhacing would produce a more random dot placement between the three guards. Comparison to more examples is really needed to come to any conclusion.


    Klaas 1.5 New Crossguard Variation

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    Wolfgang great work thank you I am comfortable now that these are the same guard with only the wreath detail different. Why? I donít know perhaps as you said a different die or die modification or results of detail work or lack of. Interesting though this pebbled wreath while not a new type at the least an interesting variation. Great thread guys and input from the Heer guys. Letís keep this thread going Ė Post your Early Klaas daggers.

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    As promised Gents, here a decent closeup from the Klaas Eagle
    Regards Ger
    Klaas 1.5 New Crossguard VariationKlaas 1.5 New Crossguard Variation

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    How did i miss this one !!! I'm learning a lot here gentlemen , thankyou Fabulous dagger Ger !

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