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Klaas Heer for opinions...

Article about: Here is one of my recent finds, a quite early type 2 Klaas. Tapered tang with the hole in it for plating, brass based pommel, but a light weight guard! Klaas was transitioning here from the

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    Very nice dagger! That eagle certainly has an attitude!

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    Nice find.

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    Here’s my vulture this one has a glassy slant grip. Klass used allot of different configurations - screw types - scabbard tips etc. Jon nice dagger - your scabbard looks to have the weyersberg type screws. All three look to have the same pommel with the thick top boarder.

    Klaas Heer for opinions... Klaas Heer for opinions... Klaas Heer for opinions... Klaas Heer for opinions...

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    Very impressive Gentlemen.. I do have to say that the Heer forum has turned into a Museum of Art.. with the varied types including hand done enhancement. I now look at Heer daggers with a different impression. Thank you Gents for giving what some collectors think of the Heer dagger as a plain dagger.... A classy approach to collecting Regards Larry
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    Yes Larry,you're absolutely right.
    Fantastic daggers guys

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    Lovely heer daggers & info everyone

    Your making me more into these now, think i,ll have a wee hunt

    Cheers Mac 66.

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    I was hoping you would post your beauty Klaas second Tom! I love that piece, has it all going for it, loads of hand enhancement and that translucent looking slant grip! Killer! Kevin.

    P.S. Degens...I looked at my grip to tang fit and mine does not have the skewed tang hole..FYI

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    Thanks for looking Kevin, it is a strange one, hard to imagine it was a deliberate manufacturing trait, more like a boss eyed worker error!.

    Great dagger, you know this thread would not have been complete without pictures of that beauty.

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    That is a pure gem you show here!
    I love the hand enhancement this one has.
    All typical features you search for in a Klaas are found in this dagger.
    Here a picture of my Klaas slant grip
    Klaas Heer for opinions...

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    Ger, Thanks for comments and once again posting your beauty of a 1st Klaas! Super fine piece there! Kevin.

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