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My new Heer wkc dagger

Article about: Nice dagger

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    Nice dagger

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    Circuit advertisement My new Heer wkc dagger
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    Pammy Hate to see you sell items I could feel you love and excitement in your posts

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    yeah,iam keeping most as iam trying to stay with luft things and ss daggers and thanks to ade,i have an original ss chained scabbard!! at least i can say that and i love it..thanks ade! this army is going to a great guy and freind! and i have 4 luft daggers left and iam not sure witch to keep as they are all very minty!! the one thats like it was made yesterday is the orange handle holler,and iam going to keep that for sure,but then i have the emil voos with ivory grip..and then there is the one i had fixed its so nice maybe i will keep what i have luft that is and sell the badges and japanese flag and other things..i do love this kinda stuff as one astate action and this forum= hooked!! i meet a lot of freinds on here and let me say these are true freinds! it is going to be hard getting rid of some things but i will have some and my next when my money gets here is a etched luft dagger a first modle luft dagger,a chained ss dagger that i can put ade s chained ss scabbard i got from him next to it in a case!!cant wait..i will go to my sales and anything thats not luft i will offer to my freinds on here..that way i can get some gas money as iam not out to make much i just injoy going sale picking!!

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    Hi, dont get me wrong, for the past few weeks im feeling my self very tired, so i may have missed something on earlier posts, why are you selling your stuff pammy?

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    I agree Everyone has been great when I have a question or issue. My father brought home a SA and Luger. These sat in his gun cabinet since his return and was never moved He is now 93 but you would think he was 60. Still drives and works on tractors. When he gave me the SA and Luger I got interested and this was first site I went to Boy, was I lucky you have a wonderful group and I wish I could meet some. I hope things work out for you Pammy. You like the Luft's and I like the Kreig's. However, the degree of excellence they demonstrated in construction of these items is amazing. I used to go to many gun shows as I have a collection of nice old firearms and long guns. Wish I would have bought all the German daggers I saw thirty or forty years ago. All the Best Jon May ask to keep a look out for something in future if you would.

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