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Odd German Sword

Article about: Hi Wagriff, I am just a sucker for swords but there are still a lot of variations out there to find. Further, what you say about the priceless jewels (coloured glass) eyes is too bloody true

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    Default Odd German Sword

    It never rains but it pours, I don't collect much in the way of WW2 German stuff, but a lot has come my way in the past few months.
    A friend came by with this Sword and offered to sell it to me, I have some concerns about it.
    I cannot find a markers mark anywhere on it or the hanger, the Lions head appears to be missing it's eyes"
    And the end of the qullion is odd, I look at several of these on the net and they appear to have a "ball or circle" end on the qullion, this looks more like a bird head.
    As well the detail on the Eagle looks a bit not so crisp.

    Can I have thoughts on it being real or repro, as well what would one pay for one of these, the blade and scabbard are very nice

    Thank You

    Dean O

    Odd German SwordOdd German SwordOdd German SwordOdd German SwordOdd German SwordOdd German SwordOdd German SwordOdd German Sword

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    blimey Dean its hard to tell anything from these pics.

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    It appears to be an Army pattern. Better photos please. Maker's mark may be hidden under the hilt. NH

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    Pic's aren't the best to judge, but it looks ok to me.
    Not of a great quality, but genuine.
    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!

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    Appearing to be an earlier TR example rather than later, from here it looks OK to me as well. Best Regards, Fred

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    Ok for me, but not a great quality, and it has lost his ruby eyes

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    Better photos I hope.

    Dean O

    Odd German SwordOdd German SwordOdd German SwordOdd German SwordOdd German SwordOdd German SwordOdd German SwordOdd German SwordOdd German Sword

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    The eagle of your sword reminds me the eagle of Anton Wingen sword, but very poor quality. No marker on the blade under the handle ?

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    Hi, Although the photos are a bit vague, what I would suggest that you have there is a standard pattern Army officer's sword with Lion Head pommel and floral pattered cast back strap and guard all in brass. The blade appears to be of plated steel and the scabbard to be of standard pattern. The quillon looks a bit bent, probaly been dropped. The lion head has had its red stone eyes removed, shame! The obverse langet has what I would term a "stubb" or short winged Political Eagle and the finial appears to be a birds head possibly a swan? This is not a combination that I have come accross before. Not necessarily rare but a nice variation. I would suggest that the sword was manufactured by WKC judging by yhe reverse langet detail incorporating a Knight's helm (WKC logo). The lack of manufacturer's name or logo on the blade is fairly common. Value, if it was yours and you offered to sell it to me, I would be looking at 250 to 300 or somewhere iin that region. If complete and in better condition perhaps 350 ish. I hope that this is of help and of interest to you. If you purchase it and want to sell or trade it out, please let me know???

    Regards Michael Ryan

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    A Sword that you don't Have, Michael?? I didn't think that was Possible! lol

    Dean, it's not uncommon to see the red stone eyes removed. Some idiot guys used to think that they were real actual Rubies and worth a fortune. No doubt they ended up in the trash can as soon as the guy brought them into a jewelers to sell and found out just what he Didn't have...

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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