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pictures KLIHASO Heersdolch

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    Clauberg dagger - Another erroneous maker mark on another late war dagger. Anybody seeing a pattern here.

    "EST" in the maker mark !......classic.

    Edit: Thanks Larry

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    good observation about the "est." does seem out of place...

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    Well Gents here are my 2 cents:

    Ive have had an in hand inspection and to be honest i cant find anything wrong.
    The crossgrain looks a bit odd here on the pics, a bit machine wise, but in hand looking it in the right angle at the sun, the markings arent there the way they seem at the pics shown here, and the cross grain looks pretty decent.
    The hangers rings are exactly the same size as all other heers, so they are not different in size.
    Pommel is the standard generic one, and has no bad grinding or sand marks.
    Pics just dont do the dagger justice, he lacks camera skills it seems..
    I have found another Klihaso dagger meanwhile, with the same " Klihaso" logo as this one, same generic hardware.
    Perhaps conclusions sometimes are founded on pics that dont do the dagger justice, i cant found anything wrong other then that the blades doesnt have a perfect centered ridge the last few inches, but seen that also on other well proved genuine pieces.
    Here are pics of another Klihaso..
    pictures KLIHASO Heersdolchpictures KLIHASO Heersdolchpictures KLIHASO Heersdolchpictures KLIHASO Heersdolch

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    Here' more info on the Clauberg MM.. this is a MM on a hunting knife obviously imported to the US from Germany.. by the way, Clauberg seems to be an alternate MM used by Anton Wingen, also seen with the "Little Knight". As Degens said, you would expect "Gegr." to be used on products intended for sale in Germany. I don't think Wingen was exporting Heer daggers! LOL..Best, Kevin.
    Attached Images Attached Images pictures KLIHASO Heersdolch 

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    Anton Wingen took ownership in 1930...seems as though the 2 entities worked together..Clauburg who did not supply edged weapons to the National Socialists..where as Anton Wingen did.

    That would support what Kevin stated above..with Clauburg exporting their wares of Kitchen cutlery, pocket knives straight razors and scissors.

    another interesting the the arrow pointing downward. Friedrich Dick used many of these arrows for their trademark..yet in their profile I do not see any use of one pointing downward...could this be another partner for Clauburg and Wingen?

    pictures KLIHASO Heersdolch
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