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The Tom Kendall Heer Collection and Military Antiques

Article about: These slants Ivory grips are the holy grail for the Slant collectors, i have never seen one before, although i know i european collector who ownes one. Im very happy you shared this one with

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    Always a pleasure visiting you at the show i do remember right where your table is. I cant wait to see what your picking up. I'm in the market for some common type army's with nice personalization's of course I've never been able to walk away from a slant ...... never know what your going to find but thats part of the fun isn't it. See ya soon ill be in Wednesday for setup.

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    Default Dagger

    Quote by Degens View Post
    It could not have gone to a finer army dagger collection........what a great piece. That grip is killer, how do the collars look?, have you had it apart. You mentioned the seller knew it was ivory, due to the colouration it could quite easily have been mistaken for trolon.
    I think I also remember seeing the other ivory hilted slant Puma years ago, did it not have a pure white ivory grip?. It would make an interesting thread to try to ascertain exactly what makers did use ivory on their earliest army daggers, Eickhorn, Puma and Pack spring to mind.
    Top notch army dagger and would be the centre piece of any collection, big and small, the fact it is personalised as well, is the icing on the cake. Green eyed and happy at the same time that it went to a colleague and World class collection.
    As you said in the e-mail Tom, identical down to the ferrule >

    p.s Larry, a rarity list exists for army daggers, drawn up by Denny Roach a few years back but very accurate in my opinion. G.Weyersburg is listed as a "9".

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    Congratulations for you beatiful weapon.
    Many Regards.

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    Fantastic army daggers it was a real pleasure and an education, Ive only been collecting about 8 months and only have 2 armys but have been lucky enough to find an anton wingen jr with the early generic type 3 guard and pommel with the big leaves, the scabbard is also the bulbous type with what looks like the same bands as yours, I knew it was a rare dagger but I mainly got it cos I wanted a slant grip in my collection, il post pics on a new thread when I get some decent pics of it, thanks again for showing your fantastic collection of army daggers.

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    Voss - Thank You I certainly consider the ivory slant Puma one of the highlights of my collection hope to find some info on Dr. Romer one day
    Little Big Man - Thank you it’s certainly nice to hear other collectors appreciate the thread and pictures of the collection. Really what fun would it be if you couldn’t share and discuss these daggers with like minded collectors? I have quite a few more to post to the thread in the future. As I am very close to completing my crossguard collection I also have future plans of self publishing a book on heer dagger crossguard variations. BTW killer Wingen you picked up!

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    I may not have been in this hobby for long, but I've yet to meet anyone who knows Heer daggers as well as you and Degens. Look forward to seeing this book!

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    I too would love to see this book and im really looking forward to seeing the rest of your collection.

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    Quote by avenger View Post
    I may not have been in this hobby for long, but I've yet to meet anyone who knows Heer daggers as well as you and Degens. Look forward to seeing this book!
    Scott Thank You – I can say there are some very knowledgeable collectors on this forum Ger-Danny-Wolfgang-Peter just to name a few. I will say when im seeking a consultation my go to guys are Jon (Degens) and Kevin (Heers68) these guys IMO are the top of the field with a diverse knowledge of Heer configurations. What I love about the Heer dagger is the great diversification-makers-grips-crossguards-materials-personalazations etc. Just in the last year several new crossguards were discovered and announced the WKC 1.5 the Voos High Lift as well as new configurations for instance the Wingen with the early generic Type-3 the all aluminum Eickhorns that Wolfgang first posted. Fun knowing more discoveries await us Heer collectors.

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    Default Dr. Romer located !

    The Tom Kendall Heer Collection and Military Antiques

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    Great news Tom, the Dr. had great taste in daggers!...Kevin

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    Tom do you own this one ? o_O
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

    One never knows what tree roots push to the surface of what laid buried before the tree was planted - Larry C

    “The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” - Winston Churchill

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