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The Tom Kendall Heer Collection and Military Antiques

Article about: These slants Ivory grips are the holy grail for the Slant collectors, i have never seen one before, although i know i european collector who ownes one. Im very happy you shared this one with

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    Tomaz there is more to consider, the line between a B and C grip is in many cases in the early period very very thin.
    We simply say there is a B and a C type.
    There are so many differences when you look closely that in some cases its even hard to say where the B ends and the C starts.
    Its not that black and white, like Tom says: look if the grip fits the dagger, like a Slant grip on a Höller type 3 or on a Highlift Alcoso, that simply doesnt fit.
    Look for examples here:
    Different styles of Heer grips


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    Going back to my original question Ger about the time frame do you think its ok to have a type C grip on a cross guard dated 35-36. On the thread you directed me too you do say the type C is a later grip but how much later do you think.

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    Tomaz lets do this conversation by PM or open a separate post, this one is about Tom's collection and i would like to keep it clean, im with Tom in this one, the B grip and the C grip were used in the same timeframe, we see the B grip appear straight after the Slants, so late '35?, some producers switched within a year, other used them longer, some shorter, so within a year most producers switched to the C grip, putting it into a timeframe 1936-->and up
    Just like Voos used 3 different logo's on their tapered tangs within 1 year, they switched a lot in those early years.
    Please let this reply be the last one about the grips.

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    Finally found an Alcoso Type-4 high lift for my crossguard collection at the 2016 Max Show. I have been looking for years and finally found one that is unique this one fit the slot nicely. Its a textbook Highlift with a remarkable and beautifully done 3-line remembrance dedication engraved to the rear of the crossguard. Blade is cloudy and spotty but the outside has a nice untouched patina. In person the remembrance dedication is crisp and finely executed I was unable to capture a good image of it to portray the true beauty and quality of it.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	army-alcoso-type4-1.jpg 
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Name:	army-alcoso-type4-2.jpg 
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Name:	army-alcoso-type4-3.jpg 
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Name:	army-alcoso-type4-4.jpg 
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Name:	army-alcoso-type4-5.jpg 
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Name:	army-alcoso-type4-6.jpg 
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Name:	army-alcoso-type4-7.jpg 
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    Here is an interesting and important piece found at the 2016 max show. This crossguard is one of the rarest types IMO and recently discovered & introduced to the heer collectors in the last year or so. This is the first Klaas example I have seen fitted with this guard. I have previously only seen it fitted to several Voos examples and referred to it as the Voos high-lift as this guard is extremely vaulted like the Alcoso Type-4. I now have it classified as an (Early Generic) EG Type-4 on my crossguard page Tom Kendall Military Antiques-Army Crossguard Reference Voos & Klaas both extensively used generic crossguards throughout the period. The dagger has a nickle plated blade and exhibits beautiful handwork throughout and an interesting grip with some patches that have turned a dark red adding a nice interesting contrast to the grip.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	army-klaas(2)-1.jpg 
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Name:	army-klaas(2)-2.jpg 
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Name:	army-klaas(2)-3.jpg 
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Name:	army-klaas(2)-4.jpg 
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Name:	army-klaas(2)-5.jpg 
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Name:	army-klaas(2)-6.jpg 
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Name:	army-klaas(2)-7.jpg 
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    Very nice finds Tom, glad you finally found yourself a nice example of the Alcoso high lift, that is my favourite army guard.

    Best Tomaz.

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    Tom, Besides being rare, that's a great looking crossguard. Congrats !

    Best of Hunt,

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    Thanks guys - I have a 2017-SOS pick up to post when i get around to photographing it - An extensive named army dagger (slant) grouping coming directly from the officers family.

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    Default SMF - Dr. Wilhelm Rosenberger Grouping

    I picked up this grouping at the 2017 SOS it comes directly from a family member of Dr. Rosenberger. The grouping is large and contains many documents dating from the early 1900,s through the 1970,s including documents from the third Reich period spanning 1934-1945. Also many of the doctors educational papers and credentials are present as well as several of his personal bibles with notations in them. A decorated WW1 & WW2 veteran as well as a Rhodes scholar. The Dr was awarded during the Third Reich period the Iron Cross first and second class which is present in the grouping more research is needed and will be attempting to get his file from NARA in the near future to further my research on his journey. Some nice pictures of the doctor in the grouping one is a studio portrait of him wearing his waffenrock i suspect in early 1935 with his WW1 medal bar this medal bar is part of the grouping and no doubt the one he is wearing in the portrait. Several nice pictures of him and his wife a nurse. Her Prussian Life saving medal and membership badge of the German life saving organisation are part of the grouping. Some various sets of shoulder boards and other pins some obviously did not belong to him but likely friends or family members that must have been special to him for him to have saved them. The dagger is a beautiful SMF example with its original portepee. The dagger has some lacquer clinging to it in places and a minty blade the dagger is personalized to the Dr. on the rear crossguard. I have attached some pictures of the dagger and parts of the grouping of course much of the paper work is not pictured.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	army-smf-rosenberger-1.jpg 
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Name:	army-smf-rosenberger-2.jpg 
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Name:	army-smf-rosenberger-3.jpg 
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Name:	army-smf-rosenberger-4.jpg 
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Name:	army-smf-rosenberger-6.jpg 
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Name:	army-smf-rosenberger-7.jpg 
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Name:	army-smf-rosenberger-8.jpg 
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    Default Photos and MSC

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	army-smf-rosenberger-9.jpg 
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Name:	army-smf-rosenberger-10.jpg 
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Name:	army-smf-rosenberger-19.jpg 
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Name:	army-smf-rosenberger-20.jpg 
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