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Value needed for Heer dagger

Article about: I would like to get a ballpark value for this dagger. WKC Solingen marked on the blade. Length of dagger is 14 1/2 inches long. I am thinking of listing it in the classifieds on this site or

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    Thank you to all for input and advice. I had found limited information on this dagger. It does not have a scabbard, all I have is the dagger. By cleaning, I meant that I used a liquid metal polish and soft cloth on the blade. That would be considered maintenance, in my mind. I have no pretensions that this is a collectible but rather an interesting piece from history. Originally I did attempt to post in the Daggers forum and somehow got in the Luftwaffe subforum.

    I just noticed my heading was changed to Heer dagger. Thanks.

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    Hi Robert,

    by using a metal polisher you remove the original factory cross grain.
    That is taking away one of the most desirable features of a dagger.
    A dagger is valued alot by its blade, having no cross grain left makes it a non collectable dagger for a lot of collecters and would surely affects its price in a very negative way.

    Certainly a liquid polisher is not maintenance desired by collectors.

    Funny this post flipped between forums


    i agree that if the blade is that bad by grey spotting or pitting, then a Chrome polisher will indeed do no harm and would give it a more atractive look!

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    Honest mistake as I posted stuff in the wrong forum at times... But your Heer dagger was moved to the main forum
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