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Removing fake paint/transfers

Article about: Acquired an M.1918 stahlhelm. Pictures are of the insignia. The national colors shield appears painted on. The eagle/swastika I'm less sure about. Both appear post-1945 fake. Presuming they

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    Removing fake paint/transfersGreat news. Sent this recent one hundred dollar investment off for restoration. When the thick paint was stripped, the "ET64" was found where it belongs! Restorer figures it's an old "bikerized' motorcyclist headgear conversion. Not going to be in original condition and shall have a replacement liner, but I'd never have a chance to acquire another example.
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    for sure leave it be. it would be very obvious removing decals. Then the helmet would look sloppy. If they are fakes and its no big loss, then use it as an ashtray or whatever.

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    Well presumably he already has removed the decals. Since they were crude fakes, (and the helmet looked pretty 'sloppy' before) I think it was right to strip this helmet. The presence of the stamp is indeed good news.
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    Might as well do a top to bottom restoration at this point. Display and enjoy. NH

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    Yes, I'm having it restored. You might have noticed the extra holes drilled in the skirt for a simple chinstrap. Paint removal also revealed a pick axe hole previously repaired in the crown. This helmet was apparently demilitarized after WW I, yet somehow survived the mass smelting to which its brothers were consigned. The liner was a sorry replacement. As mentioned, the suspicion is it was biker wear decades ago. A restoration won't hurt this example. Trying to determine the original colour, and shall likely go with that. With the tender attention of that pick axe, it almost certainly wasn't a Third Reich reissue in an earlier life.

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    Dave, All good observations. With some TLC this will look great. I'd recommend going with a standard single color rather than making this a camo helmet. Please share the results when finished. NH

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    Removing fake paint/transfersM.1918 cut-out undergoing restoration by Jacob Caputo on the West Coast.

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